How To Have Fun Getting Rid of Unwanted Prizes

Posted on: 13th April 2014

If you are sweepstakes buff, you will often win prizes you do not really want. You have the choice to reject receiving these prizes – and this is a good idea if the prize is unwanted and it demands high payments of tax. However, in most cases you can have as much fun distributing and getting rid of these prizes as you had winning them. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Gift Them To Friends And Family – have a dedicated place where you keep prizes that you would like to gift. Have a list of your immediate friends and family and check it out when you win a prize you do not want; maybe the gift would be make someone on that list happy.
  2. Get On eBay – sell all the unwanted prizes on eBay or any other reputed online store. You could in this way have fun and get some cash in return. eBay also offers method to auction these prizes which would be a source for more fun and definitely more money.
  3. Promote Your Business Online – if you have a business and you have made a niche for yourself online, these prizes can make prizes for contests on your blog/ site to help you build your opt-in list. You could also give them away as freebies in return of references, best customer of the year, etc.
  4. Swap The Unwanted Prize For A Coveted One – check out sweepstakes forums for places where you could exchange unwanted gifts. Run a search on Net for such forums and you will find many.
  5. Donate Prizes To Favorite Charities – if there are others less fortunate than you who could use these gifts, why not gift them there? Make a list of your favorite charities and every time you win something you do not need, check it out and see whether any of those charities can benefit from it.
  6. Use Free Advertisement Sites – use sites such as Craigslist to advertise the sale of your prizes. There will always be people out there who would want what you want to discard – especially if you price them below market price.
  7. Hold A Once-A-Year Garage Sale – if you are among the smart (and lucky) people who enter just the right sweepstakes and end up winning many, many prizes – hold a annual garage sale to get rid of them. You can rake in a small fortune in this way and you will have plenty of fun as well.

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