Posted on: 18th August 2014

Delicious Cuisine

Forget the Château de Chenonceau and the Louvre. Indulge in the delicious French cuisine during your holiday trip to the beautiful and romantic country of France. The actual reason for visiting the country is to treat yourself to a tantalizing meal at one of its famous gastronomic temples.

Unlike the rest of the world, the French live to eat, and you will realize that after tasting the scrumptious lobster soufflé of Taillevent. The French consider cuisine an essential part of the art of living. They eat food for pleasure, so do not be surprised if your visit to the Grand Vefour is as long as a visit to a museum. It is normal for a three-course menu to take a couple of hours. After you have relaxed into the French routine, you may feel under pressure if it is less than three. If you are a gastro-nomad, then you must definitely go to Juan les Pins so that you can be amazed by Alain Llorca’s culinary skills. La haute cuisine is very rare now a days in the UK and the USA, so while you are on French soil, dine like the French – religiously.

Alain Llorca Restaurant-Hôtel

French VacationSituated in the Riviera near Saint Paul de Vence, this restaurant is the kitchen of super-chef Llorca who will amaze you with his unusual cuisine. Do not be taken aback if your bouillabaisse has octopus in it. Just dive in and enjoy.

Le Grand Vefour

Situated in the capital of the country, Le Grand Vefour is the home of the Savoyard creations of Guy Martin, which are absolutely extraordinary. The décor of the 18th century seems to be more delicious though.


Le Louis XV

Have a royal feast at this outpost of Alain Ducasse.

L’Auberge de L’Ill

Asian and Alsation fixings are blended to create haute cuisine of an extraordinary nature. The Haeberline family has created a brave new world at this temple of culinary art.


All things French are exquisite, and wine is one of the top few. Whether it is Burgundy or Bordeaux, Côte du Rhône of Romanee-Conti, you will be able to find well-known vineyards and wine regions. The great French wine regions are speckled with canals, châteaux, forests, vineyards, and cows. And they attract hundreds of travellers who crave to drink up the amazing French wine. But, if you can buy an exquisite bottle of wine in a shop, then why travel to these distant regions? Well, it will do you good to taste the local French wines, such as those from Loire Valley’s pretty vineyards. Scan the hillsides and enclosures that turn golden in October.

Alsace Route de Vin

The famous wine route of Alsace will take you to villages with mouth-watering wine. Enjoy the beauty of these book-like villages as you sip your drink.

Clos de Vougeot

This is a historic barn that engages in wine-making. With grape presses dating back to the 13th century and a lush vineyard, this barn definitely deserves to be visited and explored.

Mouton Rothschild

With a fine visitor centre, this place calls to wine lovers from all around. It was here that Rothschild’s titular wine was perfected by Baron Phillipe. Baron Phillipe’s daughter continues to grow the place with love and money. A 60-minute visit here includes a tour of the wine cellars, a museum, and the warehouse.

Retail Therapy

Almost all the major street corners of Paris are graced with Gap stores, which can be a little disconcerting. But, do not let yourself be carried away by the glitz and glam. Instead, try to scan the smaller shops which can provide you with rare and amazing gifts that you can take back home to your loved ones; it can be a vase that is crafted from Parisian zinc, or an old brooch from the 20th-century. Silk scarves, wine, and perfume can be bought for cheaper in your own homeland, but try purchasing an unusual perfume or a vintage scarf to add a little twist. It is normal in flea and outdoor markets, small jewellery shops, craft galleries, and antique stores to engage in bargaining. So, do not be conscious and cheerfully ask for a discount; you might get lucky enough to get your hands on that oh-so-expensive item that you so badly want.


This is a shrine of fashion. Wiggle into a seductive black dress, and immerse in fashion.

Grain de Vanille

Rare honeys, malouine cookies, and salted butter caramels can serve as amazing gifts. Pay a visit to this lovely shop to add a little sweetness to your French vacation.

L’Isle sur la Sorgue

Laced by canals, this town becomes lively and energetic when dealers selling dazzling collectibles set up their shops on Sundays.  Spark up your vacation by visiting these shops.

Spirit of Sports

France is often misconstrued as a sluggish country that offers no physical activity, except going from museum to restaurant to château, and indulging in haute cuisine. But, that is not true. Although France is a haven for museum, history, and food lovers, it also has a beautiful landscape that deserves to be explored. Pedal past the Saône River’s barges, along a provincial road’s poplars, hike over the meadows of Alpine, or sail the ports of Antibes or Honfleur. Whatever suits your mood, France has plenty of options for physical activity. As you explore the country, you might get to have a friendly chit-chat with a local farmer, or smell the sweet honeysuckle.

Sentier des Cascades

The GR10 walk is near Cauterets. It features spectacular scenes of the amazing waterfalls, and plenty of groundhogs.

Track the Camargue Reserve

You can go on an unforgettable and amazing horseback tour in this fascinating nature park in Provence, which is home to fifty thousand flamingos. If birds fascinate you, then this is the place for you.

Biking Tour of VBT Loire

You can choose to take the biking tour of the VBT Loire, which will take you to amazing destinations that will make your French holiday memorable as you make new friends, visit remarkable châteaux-hotels, and cross trails by the riverside.

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