How To Grow Your Email List With A Free Giveaway?

Posted on: 22nd July 2013

Due to the advancement in technology, there has been a lot of over-reliance on the internet as a tool for advertising various products and services. At such, it’s important for a business to increase their market share by getting more people to voluntarily submit their emails which can later be used by the business in carrying out their e-marketing campaigns such as email marketing. However, since getting people to sign their emails with your company is not easy, the best way of going about it is by enticing them. The best way to entice such a customer base is by coming up with a free giveaway.

Free GiveawayFree giveaways take many forms. The logic behind a giveaway is that many people love free things, no matter how minute they may be. At such, they can be in form of free subscriptions, discounts, coupons or even cash giveaways. To enable one grow their email list, they therefore have to embrace these avenues so as to capture the interest of the wide customer base. These may work by requesting people to submit their emails and in return, get a free product or service. Marketing experts highly encourage this form of growing an email list for once one has gotten a taste of a certain good or commodity, and liked it, it’s clear that they will want to keep on getting similar commodities in the future.

In addition to this, giveaways invoke the interest of many since, as soon as one person learns that their colleague or friend has been awarded for simply submitting or signing up their email, for instance for a subscription, they too will want to get a taste of the same.

All types of giveaways are highly beneficial to any kind of business for they enable the business to increase not just on its email list but in also getting a wider market to market their products or services to. But, above all, this technique is inexpensive, effective and very easy to execute. Furthermore, it’s far less annoying than creating a random email list to run with when doing your campaigns.

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