How To Give Your Kids A Fun Holiday In Amsterdam

Posted on: 7th August 2014

Kids Fun Holiday In AmsterdamAlthough Amsterdam is full of attractions, whether naughty or otherwise, for adults, it also has numerous activities for children to engage in so as to have a fun holiday. Many places in Amsterdam deserve to be marked with a PG – pure goodness! Amsterdam provides exceptionally good care for its infant population; additionally, the cool environment, happy cows and peaceful society results in chill mom and dad who are likely to bring up remarkably well-balanced kids. This is why UNICEF considers Dutch children to be the luckiest. Here is how you can give your child a taste of the Dutch experience.


Oh yes, museums are one of the best places for your children to visit as they offer a ride back into the past. Some of the museums are exceptionally good for children to visit such as the Rijksmuseum which offers special tours for children aged 6-12. The Het Kleine Weeshuis of the Amsterdam Museum has recreated 17th century life in an orphanage; it is targeted at children aged 4-10. However, if your children are not fond of indulging in historic stories, you can always take them to NEMO, which is the biggest centre of science in the Netherlands, and is sure to give them an entertaining as well as educational experience. It has five floors of live demonstrations and exhibits which not only children, but adults, will equally enjoy. From the deck on the roof, you can enjoy the splendid view of the city and the waters. If the water and its history entices you and your children, visit the Scheepvartmuseum which has been recently renovated and displays five hundred years of the history of the Dutch navy; there are various historic objects of interest such as paintings of sea-battles, ancient compasses, and a replica of the Dutch East India Company’s cargo ship of the 1700s.

Wild things

Nature is the teacher of art and science – this is the translation of Natura Artis Magistra which has been shortened to Artis. It is a small zoo which is located in the centre of Amsterdam. One of the oldest zoos in the country, Artis is also a planetarium and an aquarium, which is a must-see, so your children can get the complete package of the beauties of nature. It has monumental structures and an art collection which makes it a 19th century cultural heritage site. Unlike any other zoo, Artis also has a library with books on zoology and botany. For children who are avid readers, it is an ideal spot. The zoo has all major species of animals, regular shows of sea lions, feeding sessions and beautiful butterfly expos.

There are free public zoos where petting is allowed. At kinderboerderij, children are allowed to pet the zoos and also to bottle-feed them. Kinderboerderij de Pijp is open from 11 am-5 pm on weekdays and from 1 pm-5 pm on weekends. It offers various activities for your children which will be enjoyable.

Swim, play, run!

If your children love water, you can take them swimming to any one of the free public pools that require no membership and are open throughout the year. Some of the local favourites include the Zuiderbad. Brediusbad has an outdoor pool which can be used in the summers. If your children are in the mood for indoor activities then take them to Tun Fun, which is a giant playground consisting of slides, bouncers, pools and laser games. You can visit their website at for more information.

While the children laugh and play, adults can enjoy a nice cup of espresso while connecting with friends or reading the news on Wi-Fi in restaurants. Since there are no mountains for hiking, Netherlands provides its tourists with climbing clubs such as the Klimmuur Amsterdam, which has a climbing club for kids and caters to the demands of first-time climbers. You can visit their website at for further details. If you do not feel like doing any of these activities, you can go bowling at the Knijn Bowling which is open all week except Sunday. It is suitable for children aged 15 or younger. You can visit their website at for further details.

Those who love soccer are advised to take the tour of Amsterdam’s voetbol stadium as it will truly be an amazing experience. Visit the website at for further details.



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