How to Get Free Stuff Online

Posted on: 19th July 2014

With a culture of commercialism and a well developed customer service many companies, not only multinational conglomerates but even ordinary businesses can afford to please loyal customers and attract new customers by not only giving discounts but also actually giving away free stuff. These companies are not really driven by altruistic motives but a sound business strategy as more companies are battling it out to get on top of each other.

Anyone, any consumer can benefit from this, and one only needs to have to spend time and effort and patience to look online for businesses and companies that provide these services, and actually go through the process of trying to acquire the free giveaways and service. Just be honest, some tact and politeness goes along way.  In some instances something’s wrong with what you bought, you have every right to complain and demand satisfaction and solution. But there are other means to acquire products for free. Do not feel guilty or trouble your conscience or feel you are taking advantage of someone. It is a part of their business strategy and these are covered as part of their promotional or customer service expenses. These products are really there and are meant to fulfil a need of the company to please their customers.

Get Free Stuff OnlineHere are a few ways how to do it:

1        Complain about a company’s product.  There are times when you buy some products that do not function properly or there is something wrong with it or does not perform what is promised. It is your right to complain.  Look in the web for the company’s “Contact Us” section. Immediately let them know exactly what is wrong and with proof of purchase, you can ask them to replace the item and politely ask for some free items or gift card or discounts to compensate you for all the trouble you have been through. More often than not they would oblige your requests.

2        Take surveys. Try to visit the websites of companies with products that you often use. Look if they offer surveys that provide free stuff in exchange for your time. And there are also many businesses that ask in their website to complete surveys about your dining and shopping experience in their establishments. Try to finish the survey and you may win some discounts, cash gifts and even cash. Reply to job ads that usually pay cash. Some companies need marketers to do surveys for them just to get feedback from consumers.

3        Reward programs. Many companies are beginning to provide reward programs. Choose   your favourite establishment and sign up to be a member. You will probably get vouchers, coupons, discounts, and freebies from your purchases.

4        One of the best ways to do it is to ask for free samples. There are some sites that provide members new samples of products for review. Contact the companies of your favourite products.  There are many ways to approach these companies to grant your request.  Write them a nice letter telling them of how you like their product or how you would like to try their new product, share it with your friends write about it in your blog. Ask for samples especially if you want to start doing product reviews online or are actually already doing it.  Or you actually want to use their products in your You Tube how to do it videos.

When you do start getting free stuff online, exercise some caution. Wait at least 6 months to a year before asking the same company for freebies again. Apply vigilance especially with communicating with people who pose as representatives of companies; this way you get the free stuff without the catches and headaches. And finally, know that not all companies will be willing to send you free items, but if you do not ask, then you don’t get any at all.

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