How to Get Free Stuff from Classifieds

Posted on: 22nd January 2013

Free StuffBelieve it or not, one of the best places to get free stuff is in the classifieds. Often people and companies offering giveaways use the classifieds to advertise a product or service. In recent years the internet classified has featured some of the best giveaways, as more and more people go online to link with a wider audience.


Popular items that can be found in the classifieds include services, ranging from tutoring to housecleaning. Many companies also use the classifieds as a way to capture valuable data through surveys.


Classified ads are also used by websites owners to drive traffic to their sites, usually by posting free items or competitions with a subtle link to their webpage. People who spot this will follow the link to claim free stuff.


Free items and services are offered every day. Some people are good Samaritans and want to share their time and talent because it makes them happy. The classifieds allow these people to meet others who share the same interests as themselves. It’s a good way to make new friends, too.


When searching for free stuff it’s always best to see if the person who is offering them has a history. Some online classified sites allow people who have received products and services to leave feedback. Always check to see what other people say about a particular item, to avoid disappointment.


Finally, before you decide to meet up with someone regarding a service, it's always good to carry out a quick background check on the person using Google. Never provide personal and financial details to people who claim to offer free items through classifieds as it’s probably a scam.

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