How To Get Comps in Australia

Posted on: 29th March 2013

Australian CompetitionsMany visitors to Australia always ask the question, how do I get comps in Australia? Not too long ago comps were easy to come by. If you liked to gamble or

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knew the boss for the concierge or the pit you could easily access a steady stream of comps for shows and meals. This has changed in recent times and the only way to gain access to comps in Australia is join a players club or become a gambler.

Numbers have become the most important aspect in Australia's casino marketing. Casinos in an attempt to know you better will collect information on your location, the amount of money that you earn and the amount that you are willing to gamble and lose and the frequency at which you gamble.

Getting a players club card is simple all you need to do is ask the pit boss or host and they will point you to the location to sign up for a players card. Each casino offers a special section for the players club. Many casinos will even give you a free gift or an incentive when you sign up.

When you gamble always remember to use your players card. Use it in the video poker machine and give it to the dealer at the craps and blackjack tables. Once you have it, use it when you make a wager.

Each time you gamble the activity is recorded and calculated. This information will let the casinos know your average bet, the length of games, winning and losing rate. Your statistics will then be plugged into a special computer which will rate you. You will not have access to this rating. The aim of this is for the casino to develop a list of visitors which have the highest ratings.

Whether you lose or win you still get points for your account . Modest gamblers can access discounts on show tickets and buffets, aggressive gamblers on the other hand can access free accommodations and meals.

If you are a regular player at a casino and you are familiar with the host who is in charge of making people happy, you can always call them and ask for a free room. That is if you are visiting the casino on a regular basis.

Some individuals will gamble thousands of dollars for each game. Casinos love these players and will offer them them the opportunity to stay for free once or twice per year this stay includes free meals and a room. The drawback to such a deal is, if the persons shows up and does not gamble then someone in marketing may lose their job. If you are in search of free comps in Australia you should always start by visiting the players club.

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