How to Extend Your Travel Budget (Part 2)

Posted on: 21st November 2013

You’re having the best time of your life trying to conquer the world one country at a time. It’s just that, after a brief moment, you realized that your funds dissipate at a much quicker pace than you want it to be. This is not the time to panic because there are ways to stretch your travel budget so you can continue on your round-the-world adventure.

Keep tabs of your expenditures.

Write everything down – from bottled water and booze to yummy local treats and novelty knick-knacks you can’t resist buying. Keeping a journal of expenditures will bring some senses to your mind on which travel quick sand your money is headed into and how you can cut it back without taking away all the pleasures of your road trip. If you’re one of the level-headed adventurers, divide what’s left of your money to the number of days you are still going to spend your dream destination so you can get an average and stay on top of your spending habits.

Tap into your skills.

You may think it is unusual to take on a job on your supposedly holiday adventure but hey, if it would replenish your fast-depleted travel cash, why not give it a go? If you have a knack for drawing portraits or cutting hair or do some online gig, then do not hesitate to use your special skills to make a few hundred (or thousand) bucks along the way. Just try not to do anything illegal or against the law.Extend Travel Budget

Wash your own clothes.

It’s not one of your most favourite house chores and the reason you went on a round-the-world trip is to forget about laundry duties. But if you’d be charged with a whopping $20 bill for just a luggage load of dirty clothes, then you might want to wash it on your own so you can avoid getting your precious travel fund going down the drain in a flash. Of course, there are stains and smells that might require a visit to a laundry shop for that clean and fresh feeling so just weigh in the pros and cons.

Be flexible on your gastronomic expectations.

Eating out can do some serious damage on your travel budget. If you’re not that picky about food – and well, it is really about exploring the scrumptious flavours of the place – head out to where the locals eat. You’d be extremely satisfied with what street foods can offer, plus, it’s easier on the wallet. Another way to tone down your eating expenditures without sacrificing taste, quality, and overall gastronomic experience is to find a hostel where cooking is allowed. You can share grocery expenses with other guests and still enjoy sumptuous meals to your heart’s content. Then again, if you don’t trust your kitchen prowess, it would hurt to ask people from the area where you can grab the cheapest, cleanest, and most delectable dishes.

Foresee other expenses.

You’re happy that your air fare has already been taken care of but you also have to take into account all the money you’ll spend while travelling from one must-see destination to another can’t-be-missed spot. The most practical solution would be to stay longer in one place at a time. You’d get to appreciate the place better and you’d be spending less on bus fare and train ticket.

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