How to Extend Your Travel Budget

Posted on: 20th November 2013

Who have not dreamed about going on a round-the-world trip? Make that dream a reality by picking a date and booking it right there and then. All those other details can be taken care of later. The thing is – if you’re short of cash, then that could really hamper your road trip big time.

So what to do in order to extend your travel budget? Consider these excellent tips but one caveat: some may apply to your situation, while some may not.

Choose countries carefully.

The truth is – there really are cheaper countries around the world where your cash can go a long way. But it also doesn’t always mean that if you paid relatively low on your air fare, then it follows that that particular place is an easy one on your budget. If you really would love to hit Paris or Buenos Aires, then why not burn your money – in terms of accommodation, food, recreational activities, and drinks – on the outskirts of the city? Save your cash on those must-do items you badly needed to be checked off your bucket list.

Save on Travel BudgetKeep an eye on currency conversions.

In this unstable economy, currencies easily change day in and day out. Sometimes it can do you good but sometimes you also won’t get as much bang from your buck as you would hope it to be. So watch out for fluctuations so you can change your Aussie dollar up when the pound is in your favour.

Choose where you have your money cashed out.

Do not only keep an eye when the conversion rate is high; it is as important to watch out where you cash out your money. ATM machines and money changers can bring you either of these problems – low exchange rates, nasty commission, or exorbitant charges. Before you leave your home country, find out which bank from the country of your destination has an ATM card that has the lowest withdrawal fee.

If possible, pay your RTW trip in advance.

You don’t want to arrive at your dream location broke and desperate for any job you can find. If you can book and pay for your accommodation or holiday activity before you board that plane, then you’ll make the most out of your round-the-world trip.

Find work.

Once comfortably settled in your hotel or cottage, you can look for grassroots projects that could replenish your travel budget decently until you have enjoyed it to your heart’s content. Volunteer work can do small wonders to your meagre holiday allowance but just make sure that all those hard work you put into it won’t be wasted on out-of-control party behaviour, including booze.

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