How to Experience the Best of Scotland During Your Vacation

Posted on: 28th July 2014

Scotland VacationFantastic Festivals

With an ancient and rich culture, the Scots always have one thing or another to celebrate. You will always be able to find a festival that suits your mood, no matter when or where you visit.

Celtic Connections

Held during the last half of January, the Celtic Connections gather music artists from all around the world to play music that is inspired by the Celtics.

Edinburgh Fringe

This is a casual and mischievous celebration that is held during the same days as the Edinburgh International Festival (in August). It is the largest festival of arts in the world, and because there are no rules, and no selection committee, participants can perform whatever they want.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

This festival is held annually, and gathers some of the most well-known authors of the world, and a literature-loving audience. If you are an eager book reader, then this is the festival for you. Who would have thought you might get to meet your favourite author while on holiday in Scotland?

Edinburgh International Festival

Consisting of all sorts of activities, ranging from dance to traditional music to innovative theatre, this is Scotland’s most famous and spectacular event. It is held annually in the month of August.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo

While fireworks explode and sparkle overhead, the sounds of drum and pipe can be heard throughout 21 days of August every year in this fun festival.


The city of Glasgow hosts a huge celebration of lesbian and gay culture during the months of October and November.


The biggest celebration of New Year in the world takes place in Edinburgh over a period of several days.

Saint Magnus Festival

The week-long classical festival that draws music artists from all around the world is the Saint Magnus Festival, which is held every June on the islands of Orkney.

Up HellyAa

Held every year on January’s last Tuesday, this festival ends with a spectacular torching of a Viking ship’s replica. Lerwick hosts the Up HellyAa.

Whisky Tour

Whisky is the signature drink of the Scots, and a whisky tour is a great way of appreciating the variety of flavours that is available in the region. Many of the distilleries are located in lovely areas, and some offer special tastings and an in-depth tour. You are advised to make reservations before your visit. A whisky tour will show you the art that transforms yeast, water, and malted barley into a nice drink. Here are some distilleries you can visit.


It is the southernmost producer of whisky in Scotland. Located in Galloway, Bladnoch offers tastings and tour.


It is a small distillery that is located near Pitlochry. It produces excellent single malt, and the distillery offers an enjoyable tour, which is packed with information and fun.


Located in Dufftown, the Glenfiddich is also home to an art gallery, which makes this centre an entertaining visit.


This is the first distillery that was licensed; the tour not only includes witnessing the art of making whisky, but also hearing the exciting story of the distillery’s founder.

Highland Park

This is the northernmost distillery of Scotland that produces a sweet and smoky malt. If you visit Orkney, do try this malt.


The distillery of Lagavulin offers various special tours, and makes a whisky with the strongest scent of iodine.


This distillery produces a whisky with a seaweed and iodine flavour that has earned it many dedicated followers.


The distillery offers two tours. Its whisky is matured in bourbon and sherry casks.


This is the only distillery on the Isle of Skye, and produces single malt with a peaty aroma. Its whisky is not as intense as that of other islands.

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