How to Enjoy Your St. Thomas Vacation

Posted on: 20th June 2014

St. Thomas VacationSt. Thomas is the transportation centre of Virgin Islands. If one don’t want to stay in St. Thomas, still majority of tourists stop in St. Thomas. The renowned shopping centres, wide range of water sports, activities, beaches and housing areas, are the causes of attractions for tourists to stay longer in St. Thomas. The main town of St. Thomas is the busy port named Charlotte Amalie. Another town known as Red Hook is located on eastern side. The west side of St. Thomas is comparatively full of forests and is not populated. Hotels and resorts are located on the southern and eastern coast.

Tourist Attractions of St. Thomas:

If one wants to travel around St. Thomas, then one should get car on rent or should hire a taxi. If one wants to rent a car, then he or she has to make sure that it has either a map of St. Thomas or a GPS system installed in it. If it has no GPS system or map, then one can get a pocket size Road Map of St. Thomas from Tourist Information Centre. On the map, different roads are marked with route numbers. These numbers are very puzzling and may not help as these are changed rapidly. Different signs are also used to identify different roads in St. Thomas. These signs show roads towards St. John Hotel, Tourism Association’s Mascot and Tommy the Starfish. Such colour-coded signs are more than hundred and these signs are in a queue on the main routes of island. Orange signs show the road from Airport to Red Hook. Green signs show the way from Town to Magens Bay. The sign boards having Tommy’s Face and yellow background indicate the road from Mafolie to Crown Bay towards the north side. Red signs show the way from Smith Bay to Four Corners using Skyline Drive. Blue signs show the road from cruise-ship dock at Haven Sight to Red Hook. Most of the tourist maps don’t have these colour-coded routes marked. If one wants to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of St. Thomas, then they should allocate a day for this tour. Eastern side is more populated area of St. Thomas, that’s why; most of the gas stations are located on eastern side. Before heading towards north, one should first fill the tank. One should always remember to drive on the left in St. Thomas.

Food Places in St. Thomas:

Supermarkets have high food prices in Virgin Islands. According to a report of U.S Virgin Islands Department of Labour, food is considerably more costly than main town (main land). One can look around for best deals. If you are with a group, then you can visit warehouse- style stores like Prices Mart and Cost-U-Less, where you can get essential items on comparatively low prices than super markets. Prices Mart requires membership. One can get food items at low prices than in supermarkets or ease stores. Beverages, meats, produce and spirits are the good quality items available here. One can also get good quality food in supermarkets like Plaza Extra, Pueblo and Food Centre. The prices are high in these supermarkets but there is a lot of good variety here. At the last, if one wants to have finest meats, inexplicable items and spices and imported cheese, then you should visit big shops like Marina Market or Gourmet Gallery. One can get fresh items from “The Fruit Bowl”. They have invincible variety of items and prices. If anyone wants to have fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and flavouring herbs, then you should visit the Farmers Markets. These markets are located in Smith Bay and at Market Square on daily bases. At Yacht Haven Grande, it is on First and Third Sunday of the month. In Estate Bordeaux, it is on last Sunday of every month.

Magic of Mocko Jumbie:

The strange stilt walkers on the island are known as Mocko Jumbies. Their origin is from West Africa. In West Africa, the moves of stilt walkers showed religious implication. Now-a-days West Indian Mocko Jumbies are more modern. They have very high lengths and they dance and kick high on vivacious beat of drums, bells and whistles. Their costumes were made of grasses, shells and feathers but now they are restored by shiny and smooth clothes. Audiences are attracted by their Festive headpieces, braids of feathers, glittering crowns, tall hats and spiky horns. To keep the charm of Mocko Jumbie, a mask is used to hide the identity of dancer from audiences. Mocko Jumbie, not only perform in festivals but they also perform in many hotels. They also perform at store openings, in the cruise ships and on beaches on weekends.

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