How to Enjoy Tel Aviv to the Fullest

Posted on: 5th August 2014

Tel Aviv VacationWhat can you expect from Tel Aviv that you won’t find in other famous city destinations around the globe?

You don’t have to put your guarded sense of awareness in an all-time high and that at every corner you turn, there’s a welcoming kindness from a local.

So it’s not atypical to find yourself in the middle of heart-warming scenarios in this charming yet innovative city such as when a staff from the British Embassy would gladly share her can’t miss hummus to a complete stranger or that a kindly chap would walk 15 minutes out of his way to show you the directions to Rothschild Boulevard.

As Israel’s second biggest city, it does not only have that global influence on display everywhere you look but also that creative energy largely owed to the booming tech scene. And though only 133 miles separate it from the city capital of Syria, Damascus, Tel Aviv just shrug its shoulders amidst all those Palestinian conflict.

Even for tourists with discriminating tastes, Tel Aviv can win them over instantly with its ancient cobblestone alleyways and charming fishermen’s ships docked at the port alike as well as upscale designer stores and the Kitchen Market which a paradise haven for serious foodies.

If you are at Old Jaffa and Jaffa Port: Get the best finds from its bohemian flea market especially from its pottery stores. If you get famished from your fruitful shopping adventure, head out to Abu Hassan Hummus or at Dr Shakshuka Restaurant for a taste of its scrumptious namesake dish.

If you are at Neve Tzedek: For some serious entertainment, the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance  gives excellent performances. If you want to appreciate more Tel Aviv’s posh taste in art, there is an endless array of galleries to choose from. Cool off from the blazing heat at Café Suzana or hang out at Shabazi if you would want to try an organic juice bar.

If you are at Florentin: Though not as ritzy as Neve Tzedek and the established port town of Jaffa, Florentin has its own quirky characteristics that makes it worth a day or two in the lives of tourists here. You should not leave Tel Aviv without trying its "burekasim", a specialized homemade pastry that can only be found here. And try to look for its west end where most buildings have cool graffiti.

If you are at the City Centre: Experience an unbelievable gastronomic delight with what the sophisticated shops and restaurants have to offer. Get an awesome view of the crashing waves from the invigorating entertainment area. And you can have your fill of fresh fruits and vegetables in Kerem HaTeimanim. A relaxing walk awaits you in its cobblestoned neighbourhood.

Want to see more of nature? Look for Manta Ray Restaurant on the beach and find the most comfortable position so you can witness for yourself the burst of colourful sun rays and the crystal clear water crashing from the port – ingredients for an epic sunset.

Want to get more out of the culture? Indulge in the impressive collection of Van Dyck, Rubens and Rigaud – just some of the Old Masters featured in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. But this institution is worth more than just a visit or two because it features jaw-dropping art exhibitions from the likes of outlandish art masters like Douglas Gordon from time to time.

Want to make your shopping more extravagantly memorable? If you want to try Tel Aviv’s local products, head out to Sheinken Street and Rothschild Boulevard. An overabundance of clothes, jewellery and unique craft pieces can be found in a section of Nahalat Binyamin Street every Tuesday and Friday.

Want to tease your taste buds with glorious flavours?

For breakfast: The sweet potato pancakes is one of the must-talked about items at Orna and Ella. On the other hand, the Dan Panorama boasts of a wide array of Israeli specialties and Western classics.

For lunch: On Shabazi Street, the Lulu Kitchen and Bar will let you have a lovely alfresco dining experience.

For dinner: For the best seafood dishes, try Kalamata in Jaffa.

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