How To Act Like A Winner

Posted on: 29th January 2016

Let’s admit it; winning in any capacity is both fun and satisfying. Whether it’s sport, the arts, competitions, or even rock-paper-scissors, human beings love to achieve. But winning isn’t just about goals, prizes, or having fun with your friends. Winning in life is a different matter. Whether your prize is to own a home, travel the world, or to simply pursue happiness, here are three ways to act like a winner this year.

Visualise what you want

Visualising what you want will clear your head and put you in a positive mindset. After all, who doesn’t like thinking about everything they’d love to achieve? Take five minutes every day, whether on the train, in the car, or before you go to sleep to really focus on what will make you happy. It’s the way winners work!

Look for the word ‘win’

When it comes to winning competitions, keep an eye out for the word ‘win’. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, in magazines, or even on milk cartons, this key word will attract opportunities like moths to a flame. Remember; the more comps you enter, the more chance you have of winning!

Be happy for other people

Winners don’t hog all the glory for themselves, or begrudge others of a win. They radiate positive energy, and are happy to share their success. So relax, have faith in your achievements, and be ready to buoy people up, rather than tear them down!

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