How the iPad Has Increased the Popularity Of E-books

Posted on: 12th February 2013

Competition TipsAdvances in technology have reduced the cost of affordable e-reading devices: greatly improving the popularity of e-books.


Recent surveys show that more people across the globe are now reading e-books, thanks to the reduced cost of iPads and other handheld devices.


This increase is expected to continue as more people start to purchase iPads. This means more e-book sales, as well as an increase in online reading materials and magazines.


New studies show that more people are buying e-books compared to two years ago. The research shows that most e-book readers are below the age of 50 and live in households with an average income of $50,000 dollars a year. Most have a college education. 8 out of 10 these-book readers have also read printed material within the past year.


The increased popularity of e-books can be attributed to the reduced cost of tablet PCs, particularly iPads, since 2011. Many e-books readers use Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad; these devices were originally released at high prices, but were eventually reduced. This gave the e-book industry an obvious boost.


Since the launch of these devices, research has shown that two fifths of readers in the USA now own and use these devices for at least 14 hours per week, with another two fifths  using their computers to access reading materials.


Books have been an integral part of human history and culture since the invention of the Gutenberg printing press. With the invention of e-reading devices such as the iPad, books are taking on a new life. These devices are ushering in a transition point in human history.


The popularity of e-books is only expected to increase, as devices such as the iPad become accessible across the world. The cost and accessibility of hand held computers are two of the main reasons why e-books will remain popular into the distant future.

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