How Recession Affects Everyone

Posted on: 9th October 2013


Everyone knows at least someone who has lost his or her job. The industrial and manufacturing production has clearly slowed down. Consumers are thinking more than twice before spending their hard-earned dollars. These are just some of the obvious impacts that the recession has had.

And its threat to your business is making you examine your options in keeping your business intact and thriving. Let’s find out some of the effects the recession has had for every other companies out there and what you can do to lessen its impact in yours:

1. Expect fiercer competition.

How Recession Affects EveryoneOther companies might go after your current clients and customers which could mean disaster for your business. You have to come up with innovative ideas and a strategic plan to maintain your edge form your competitors.

2. Less clients and customers patronizing your products and services.

In this recession-driven economy, people want to spend their hard-earned money on basic and essentials things. And your products and services might be dropped off from their lists. So you have to offer something very beneficial for them aside from the usual perks they get.

3. Operating expenses can be higher.

With less customers around and tough competition along the way, operating costs can also increase. Make sure you prioritze the expenses that will keep your business running smoothly amidst the threat of recession. If there are things that you have to let go or can skip spending on, implement it right away.

4. Profits may diminish.

You may see your profits plummet to depths unknown. To prevent this from ruining your business entirely, review your business plan and find ways to increase your sales. You might also consider outsourcing some of your projects to highly qualified freelancers but save a lot on time, money, and other resources.

 5. Employees might demand for a raise.

As the recession also intimidate the good lifestyle of your employees, they may want to demand a raise which might only be reasonable, but something that you cannot meet at the present situation. You have to think hard and quick which of the employees are worth keeping and which can be let go. You can then widen your horizon and look at outsourcing as something that can bring further success for your business.

What are the possible preventive measures or solutions to combat the alarming impacts of recession?

You could try to venture in other areas or fields outside your business expertise. Or, invest in stocks or properties so you can still have some profits or break even in operating expenses. But if you don’t have an effective business plan, this can backfire and do damage to your company.

Another option would be to maintain the budget you have for your marketing strategy while competitors are cutting back on theirs. Although this may be a risk, it may help in making your loyal customers stay with you and attract new clients along the way.

You can also outsource many jobs in your company which are previously held by too many office personnel. You cut back on salaries and benefits you need to give on a monthly basis and be charged for an hourly basis or per project. Outsourcing also gives you the freedom to choose the best freelancers in the market today and it could bring more success for your company in these hard times.

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