How Donald Lawson became a $337M Powerball Winner

Posted on: 2nd September 2013

Does Donald Lawson know what it takes to win big? $337 Million says he does. Donald says that something told him to stand in that long line at the gas station that day. Whether it was divine intervention or out of habit, playing the lottery was nothing new for Donald. In an interview he said he plays the lotto "too much". Perhaps he played just the right amount.

Frequency is a big factor in winning big. Winners think alike. Seven time lottery winner Richard Lustig agrees with Lawson. Lustig says playing everyday is key to winning. The other key is in picking just the right numbers. Lustig says computer picked numbers do not win. In his book, "Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning" he explains his theory in picking just the right numbers. Once you pick your numbers, keep using the same numbers until you win.

Donald Lawson $337M Powerball WinnerWhen Donald Lawson played the Powerball lottery that day he chose his own numbers too. He says when he went to write down the numbers, they just came to him. Whether you use a certain strategy in picking your numbers or the numbers magically appear, winners agree to use your own numbers. And use them often. Frequency is the other key to becoming a lottery winner.

Some more advice Lustig gives to players is to only play with money you can afford to lose. Do not use your grocery or rent money to play. Yes, many people win everyday. But there are also losers everyday. With that said, you also need to play to win. Playing everyday will increase your chances of winning big. So play everyday with the numbers you picked yourself and you too can win big.

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