How Did Pedro Quezada Win the $338 Million Dollar Jackpot?

Posted on: 5th September 2013

Deli worker Pedro Quezada of Passiac, NJ went into Eagle Liquors near his home on Saturday, March 23, 2013 and purchased a Powerball ticket. He did not even stay up to hear the numbers. He went to bed figuring he could check the ticket the next time he went out. When arriving at Eagle Liquors, he was told that he won the $338 million dollar jackpot. Mr. Quezada was both stunned and excited. He stated that he believed that it was due to the “lucky hand” of store clerk Pravin Mankodia. With reporters and the public shouting out to him, he called his wife Inez to tell her the good news. “Turn the TV on, I'm on the news”, he shouted. He then told her to come down to the liquor store. Mr. Quezada, a father of five, said he would take the lump sum of $211 million dollars. He ended up walking away with $152 million dollars after taxes. He told reporters that he planned to use the money to help people, anyone who needed it. After a few minutes of dealing with the cheering public and reporters questions, Mr. Quezada began feeling overwhelmed and took off down the street.

Pedro Quezada $338 Million Dollar Jackpot Winner5What many people wonder is “why him”. They wonder “why could it have not been me”. For the most part, winning the lottery is sheer luck. There are a few tips that you can use to try to tip the odds in your favor, however, these tips are not fool proof.

When choosing your numbers, it is smart to choose the same amount of even numbers and odd numbers. Another trick that many people try is to choose half of your numbers be higher numbers and the other even half of low numbers. If you study previous numbers, you will see that all high numbers and all low numbers are rarely drawn.

You should also watch for repeat hit numbers. When studying the numbers, it has shown that a repeat hit number from the previous drawing will hit 38 percent of the time.

While this is not a science, and it takes a lot of luck to hit big like lottery winner Pedro Quezada did, it is important to understand that if you do not play, you will not win.

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