Holidaying with Kids in the Cayman Islands

Posted on: 16th June 2014

Kids Holiday Cayman IslandsCayman Islands are British Overseas Territory. It is located in western Caribbean Sea. Cayman Islands contain three islands named as Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. This region is a main off-shore economic centre. Cayman Brac is the most prominent of the three islands due to large limestone projection known “the Bluff”. To keep the children of all ages and their parents happy, Cayman Brac has provided some activities and attractions. Some resorts are happy with children but some are not. So kids prefer on-season visits. The expensive restaurants welcome kids even if they visit off-season.

Family Resorts:

The resort named “Ritz-Carlton” is the biggest and trendy resort on the island. Children can visit and stay there anytime. They provide programs for all the ages like entertainment and computer games with educational aspect. It also includes the program named “Jean Michel’s Ambassadors of the Environment”. It provides environmental and cultural education of Cayman. It also arranges a pleasure trip which is guided by expert naturalists. Tourists can hike in Hawaiian rainforest, dive in the midst of Maui’s beautiful coral reefs and can participate in underwater photography sessions. It gives opportunities to tourists to explore Hawaii’s ecosystems. It gives inspiration of sustainable life and to increase the relationships understanding to tourists.

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is an affordable resort, in case you’re worried about having several kids on tow during your holidays in the Cayman Islands. It is located on Seven Mile Beach. It provides many programs for children and has a wide part of beach. Apartment buildings like Christopher Columbus and Discovery Point Club provide appropriate rate and broad free area. These are located beside northern side of Seven Mile Beach. For families, Brac Reef Beach Resort has best facilities on Cayman Brac. Most of the kids find Little Cayman, a calm place. Except Little Cayman Beach Resort have attractions for children and their parents. Parents do diving there and children have their own activities which keep them engaged. There are excellent staff personnel that can watch over your little brood. First aid kits are just nearby, just in case. This way, you won’t have to be forced to delay your own fantasy of a delightful time during your vacation in the Cayman Islands just so you can watch over the kids.

Dining and Activities for Families and Kids:

Grand Cayman contains so many restaurants and serves almost all types of cuisines. One can easily go out for dinner with their families. Although the locals of other islands of Cayman will try their best to provide cuisine or dish of one’s choice but still they very limited cuisine. One of the family-friendly places is Camana Bay. It provides many attractive views like climbing the Observation Tower for collision view, water splattering in the fountains and regular street performers. Many water based activities are organized for kids on the island. These activities include Deep See Cayman, the Atlantis semi-submersible (marine vessel), Stingray City diving tours and the Dolphin Discovery. The charm of Cayman Turtle Farm is the killer reef and its imitation ability. It fascinates the people of all ages. Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Garden is the habitat of blue iguanas and people are attracted there to learn about blue iguanas. The Black Pearl Skate & Surf Park contains pipes, slopes and rails in large numbers. There are always kids screaming there especially while having ride on wheelies.

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