Holidaying in Singapore

Posted on: 19th July 2014

Singapore HolidayWhy Visit?

This is the best country to kick off your journey if you are planning to see the whole of Asia. Why you may ask? For starters, Singapore is known worldwide to have the airport with the most comprehensive transport connections. From here, you can take your pick amongst the most affordable flights going to the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and even Cambodia.

Next, Singapore is also the most renowned shopping mecca in Asia showcasing its own version of 5th Avenue, known as Orchard Road where a walk through its malls will guarantee your retail taste buds that exquisite shopping euphoria.

And of course, your trip to this country will not be complete without tasting the local cuisine. They say your Singapore escapade is not authentic unless you taste their famous Hainanese chicken and all other combinations, hybrids and concoctions thereof.

When to visit

You don’t need to bring heavy clothing because Singapore is a hot and humid country all year round. If you’re not so much of a rainy season fan, avoid the months of November to January. It is during these months that the country experiences its annual visit from the monsoon front, leaving pretty much all outdoor activities/amenities off limits. But if you must visit during these months, the country’s excellent public transportation system will be to your service when you need to visit indoor attractions like galleries, museums and of course, the shopping malls.

A Dose of Information

Singapore belongs to the elite group of economic powers in Southeast Asia. Perhaps this can be attributed to the diversity of its people living in what’s been coined as the melting pot capital of the region and the its stature as the crossroads of the eastern and western worlds due to its strategic location as a port station.

Moreover, the country espouses the kind of tolerance which makes different religions, cultures and languages work beautifully together in the pursuit of commercialization. This joining together of several influences has produced an array of shop houses, historic buildings, churches and temples. The main language written and spoken, however, is still English even amongst the Eurasian, Chinese, Indian and Malay migrants who have made Singapore as their residence country.

Singapore became an independent nation only in 1965. Great Britain (which ruled for over a hundred years) and Malaysia were its former ruler and ally, respectively. Although showing a strictly professional and business-like aura in its cities, Singapore keeps a few secrets underneath it sleeves. It’s not as rugged and burly as the mega metropolis of Manila and Bangkok but the island country offers exciting options especially for travelling families with its highly towering buildings (highly accessible to persons with disabilities) and plenty of activities in its numerous playgrounds and parks for children of all ages.

What to Do While You’re There

We highly recommend satisfying all your sensory organs while in Singapore. Start off with your taste palette by visiting restaurants showcasing local dishes such as the laksa, chilli crab, nasi padang and of course the legendary, must try at least once during your lifetime Hainanese chicken rice. You may choose from Little India's, Bugis’s or Arab Street’s discount centres patronized by Singaporeans for their excellent and cheaply priced laksa or spend a few more of your hard-earned money and dine in the city states’ most respected Japanese, European or Chinese restaurants. Don’t forget to stop by the many kopitiams in town for a taste of the island’s traditional coffee or head on over to Raffles for a taste of the famed Singapore Sling. It is good to know that no matter how many times you dine, you will never have to eat the same food twice, all at affordable prices for those on a tight budget. While it is true that the cost of living in Singapore is exceptional higher than its neighbouring countries, the local cuisine --- although modest if compared as well --- is still very much economical. You know what that means, more money saved for shopping!

And indeed, Singapore’s shopping malls are equal in stature as the stern peace and order measures being implemented all throughout the country. As mentioned before, the city state has the best shopping experience in the region but not the cheapest, unfortunately, even if some are duty-free.

If shopping is not your cup of coffee, stop by Sentosa Island for another stimulating sensory experience as you take walking tours at the Night Safari and its amazing aquarium.

From loads of attractive outdoor spots like parks, beaches and zoos to wonderfully untouched footpaths, Singapore will surely grow on you as everything is easily reachable thanks to the island country’s fantastic transportation system. Did we mention that its culture, history and attractions are also superb; and of course, the food, its glorious cuisine, so stop on by and get a whiff of what’s brewing in Singapore.

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