Holidaying in Ko Adang

Posted on: 16th April 2014

Like an exceptional painted masterpiece on canvass, Ko Adang is an island in Thailand fit for nature and beach lovers with its immaculate ancient forests, spectacular ocean and snorkelling vistas, isolated beachfronts and hiking routes and majestic water formations of all kinds. Its remarkable mountains shadow those of Ko Lipe, an island to its north, whose beaches are always teeming with vacationers.

Just a stone’s throw away from drop off point on the beach is the Information Centre, where visitors can obtain activity and lodging suggestions from the amiable recreational officers. Right on the information board, you can already get a view of the variety of amazing coral patterns that inhabit the waters surrounding Adang. There is no limit as to what divers and snorkelers can see and imagine when seeing the formations due to the sensibly protected status of the area. For a fee of 50B, you can rent snorkels and be on the way to swimming alongside urchins and colourful marine life.

Back on mainland Adang but still worth getting your feet wet are two waterfalls, Ratana and Pirate’s Falls. Suggestive from its name, the caves at Pirate’s Falls is rumoured to be the place where old pirates hid their treasures and reachable via a walkway that is 2 kilometres long, open all year long. Ratana Falls, on the other hand, is recommended for tourists visiting from May to January (wet season) and can be reached by renting a longtail boat for a fee of 200B, roundtrip.

For sightseeing suggestions, the cliffs at Chadoe gives you a panoramic view of the islands surrounding Adong, like Ko Tarutao to the far east, Ko Lipe to the north and Ko Rawi to the west. For a more economical island hopping getaway around Adang, on the other hand, join a group and rent a longtail for 1,500-2,500B.

Whether you decide to day tour or stay overnight, Ko Adang offers ample rest and relaxation time if you just need to get away from the more up-to-beat crowd of Lipe. Day tours from Lipe are available even during off peak season. On the other hand, for overnight accommodation (with closing period from May 15-November 15), you can book at Pakbara’s visitor centre with telephone number 074-783-485, or research online at Except during holidays in Thailand when you might find everywhere fully booked, you can also just walk through upon arrival and pick your choice of accommodation. Lastly, be sure to bring cash as there are neither ATM/credit card machines available, nor traveller’s cheques/foreign currency being accepted.

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