Holiday in Ko Sukorn

Posted on: 23rd September 2014

Holidaying in Ko SukornIf you are searching for that Thai island midway in between the high end luxury resort islands and the really rugged, Survivor-type islands, Ko Sukorn, also better named as Ko Muu, is your island destiny.

Ko Sukorn does not have those typical crowded, white, powdery-fine sand beaches usually seen in Ko Ngai or Ko Lipe or the busy, almost always no vacancy accommodations. What is does have is a simple sublime ambience where there seem to be more water buffaloes than tourists and locals combined. In other words, Ko Sukorn is the place to immerse yourself in that typical, peaceful and rural village environment still teeming with the wildest of both animal and jungle life.

Add to this unusual mix the cheapest bungalow accommodations and no wonder the welcoming signage that will greet you at the pier reads, “Ko Sukorn: A Beautiful Community”. The locals will greet you with the warmest and sincerest greetings and hospitality topped off with the most beautiful Thai smile found nowhere else in the country. This fact spills over to the way the villagers take care of their island and community which makes it distinctly cleaner compared to Ko Libong and Ko Muk, a truth they are more than glad to share.

The main source of livelihood on the island comes from agriculture and fishing. Most noteworthy is the industry of rubber tapping followed closely by tourism. The south most portion of the island is utilized for rice farming while the east to central part is where the main pier and village are located. Along the shore is a thin paved road where you can catch sites of mangroves and the area’s numerous species of birds. This route ends uphill towards the most awe-inspiring vista of the Ko Libong and other group of islands to the north and the entire mainland to the east. For an even greater viewing tip, climb further up the top of the cliff after the jagged turn and you’ll find yourself at the island’s most northern tip.

We mentioned that the accommodations, mostly run by families, are extremely affordable. You can take your pick near the village towards the east-west road or if you prefer the more upscale resort types of accommodation, check out the one along the northwest shorelines. The island’s beachfront is located entirely on the western part but the best beaches are bunched up towards the northern part, which leaves the former part less visited and therefore the best place to get your much needed rest and relaxation while listening to the melodic sounds of the gentle waves.

The paved roads and the tiny span of the entire island naturally lend the place perfect for bicycling activities. Kayaking is also a favourite pastime while on the island but be sure to start off early in the morning and choose the route starting from the northern cliffs and follow through up to the mangroves at the eastern part, an excellent kayaking location during the high tide. As there are limited facilities on the island, for example the lack of ATM machines, we suggest you bring enough local currencies to maximize your vacation pleasure.

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