Holiday in Ko Ngai

Posted on: 29th September 2014

Holidaying in Ko NgaiAs if created to be a tourist destination, the island of Ko Ngai exists mainly for the tourism industry. This classy island resort lacks the charm found at the islands of Ko Bulon Lae or Ko Muk, where the main attractions are their villages and locals. On the contrary, you will only get to meet people affiliated with the tourism industry during your stay at Ko Ngai.

To some, this fact might seem to make Ko Ngai too conventional and banal but aside from it being home to one of Trang province’s beautiful beaches, the island also boasts of its luxurious resort offerings found nowhere else in the entire region.

Ko Ngai’s extensive area of powdery, white sand beaches with the most exclusive vistas of the mainland, Ko Muk and the limestone karsts is home to about a dozen resorts all found along the island’s eastern coast, with the exception of one. The only high season spot can be found towards the southern spot of Paradise Beach. For visitors travelling with their families or for those couples who want to experience the ultimate romantic escape, Ko Ngai is perhaps made for them, provided that money is no object. The rise in all-inclusive resorts offering posh amenities like spas and dining options has found its way into Ko Ngai gradually phasing out the economical versions of the past years.

That is why it is no wonder that Ko Ngai has been viewed by critics to be the newest version of the crowded tourist islands of Ko Samet and Ko Phi Phi. Nevertheless, others see Ko Ngai as the freshest option available in the market, offering innovative accommodations found nowhere else. For a selected few, however, Ko Ngai is still a rare gem in the tourism industry and comforting to know, is that it is carefully protected being declared as a national park.

That is why the local pastimes on Ko Ngai are simply lounging on hammocks by the beach, taking in that most precious and freshest of air, and swimming in its crystal clear waters. You can also sample the island’s diving, snorkelling and kayaking amenities of its nearby reefs. But if you prefer to voyage further out, you may do so upon request at your resort’s office.

For dryer activity options, on the other hand, you can explore the southern part of the island by walking along the hiking trails. To get to these trails, start off along the wall dividing Tanya and Fantasy resorts (located at the southern part of the beach) to reach the hill to the west. You have to make sure you gear up with good hiking shoes for these trails do get unpredictably rugged and sharp. At the end of the steep parts, however, you will be greeted by the peaceful views along Paradise Beach where the southwest part of the peninsula is just a little bit further down the hills.

As mentioned before, Ko Ngai is an island resort destination so expect to rely on the amenities offered by the resorts in existence. There are no banks or ATMS but the resorts do take major credit cards. There are no major road networks, public transportation, shops or health clinics just the facilities which the resorts offer so come prepared and informed.

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