Holiday in Ko Mun Nork

Posted on: 3rd August 2014

Holidaying in Ko Mun NorkIf you’re looking for a quick and unique island getaway, Ko Mun Nork is a must visit destination when in the kingdom of Thailand. It’s pretty small, often overlooked by avid travellers and backpackers (maybe because of the cost involved in staying at its lone resort or maybe because you can only get there through a group tour) but nonetheless has been garnering plenty of good reviews mostly from Bangkok residents.

They say that a trip to Ko Mun Nork is the perfect romantic gift for your loved ones, if you have a weekend to spare, and the happening VIP, party place to be over the next few years. But if you happen to be in Thailand and just have free time, especially during the weekdays, you may very much as well book the whole island because you will have the entire island all to yourself.

The lone resort we mentioned above, appropriately named Ko Mun Nork Resort, is a masterpiece in progress as to its amenities and cuisine offerings. But then again, you could easily overlook this glitch once you see the island’s beach.

Much creative effort has been dedicated to the building of salas in Ko Mun Nork. Perfectly complementing the water and the beachfront, the salas surpass the elegance and comfort found in the averagely decorated rooms and we wish we could say the same to the kinds of food served at the resort. Nevertheless, add to this the private wooden piers that lap over towards the water and other numerous platforms scattered all over and you have the ideal setting for your daily yoga practices. Some say the snorkelling is not so bad either but we can’t describe it here because we decided to just confine ourselves in the salas throughout our stay.

Having pictured this about Ko Mun Nork, we recommend you visit for the weekend or a few weekdays with plenty of wine and those exquisite gourmet cheeses for that amorous getaway or come armed with your favourite book or books and your yoga mat for a relaxing time of your life.

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