Holiday in Ireland The Ubiquitous Irish Way of Life

Posted on: 16th August 2014

Get familiar with the habitual everyday life if you want to indulge in the pleasures and richness of the Irish culture. Here are a few things you can engage in easily.

The Pub

The Irish pub is the foundation of its social life. It has been called the university for poor men and Ireland is home to above ten thousand of such universities. A visit to an Irish pub is a must even if all you order is an Evian.

The pub is the Irish’s national institution and Samuel Beckett believed that the best way to deal with depression was to visit the pub and have a Guinness stout. Sometimes, the patrons even stand for the Irish national anthem at closing time.

Pubs act as the hub of social life. People go to the pub to gossip, exchange news, chat, listen, learn, and sing along with the other people who are present. Until recent years, the Irish never drank at home because drinking was associated with socializing and fun, which was present at a pub. The warmth and friendliness of an Irish pub is famous the world over and almost every city in the world has an Irish pub. Sometimes, spontaneous concerts spring up. And it is a norm to treat the performers to a drink.

You will be given a black beer called Guinness if you order a ‘pint’. It is usual for a barman to fill three quarters of a glass of Guinness, let it settle, and then fill in the remaining quarter before serving it to the customer. Before you take a sip of your drink, let it settle in order to let the brew turn to a deep black colour. How can you know if the pint is perfect? Thin rings – which mark each sip – will be left on the glass as residue of the brew.Holidying in Ireland


Ireland has kept alive its tradition of festivals, which in Irish is called fleadh (pronounced as flah). Get information about Irish festivals that will take place while you stay at Ireland. You can check the tourist websites to note down information before you leave for Ireland, or you can discuss with the hotel concierge upon arrival whether any festivals are planned.

Music festivals are the most popular such as the Galway’s Festival of Irish Popular Music, the World Irish Dancing Championships, and Kinyara’s Cuckoo Fleadh. These are among some of the major events that happen in Ireland and you can become a part of them to truly get the Irish experience.

Moreover, the villages also arrange festivals that are dedicated to poetry, food, fishing, hill walking, and art. In August, the Mullaghmore Lobster Festival is a great treat for sea-food lovers.

CeolAgus Craic

Translated loosely, the term means music and cheerfulness. These are part of the Irish national identity. If you ask Irish people abroad the thing they miss most about their home, you are likely to hear them say ‘the craic’, which refers to the fun and merriment which is part of the Irish culture and life. Every day for them is a chance to enjoy with their family and friends.

Every town in Ireland buzzes with its own style and sounds. Everywhere you go, you will feel cheerfulness in the air. Irish fun is accompanied by the rhythm and beat of music.

It is very common for concerts to spring up spontaneously. A single player will be playing music on a fiddle or a guitar until other players join in with other instruments, such as flute, drum, whistle, pipes; together they create music that will please your ears.

Not all singers are famous; in Ireland, you might come across a talented musician who chooses only to perform when surrounded by a circle of close friends, and fans. If you check the local guide for events, you will find that there are many live performances which you can attend while you stay in Ireland.

Dublin, home to over one hundred and twenty different pubs and clubs, becomes a giant jamming session of traditional Irish music. Go for a walk on the Grafton Street to check out for music sessions – you will definitely find something to suit your mood.

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