Holiday in Don Khong

Posted on: 5th May 2014

Although nowhere as close to the popularity enjoyed by its neighbouring island of Don Dhet, Don Khong, the biggest island in the Si Phan Don region, boasts of its equally relaxed environment and more activities to be savoured. While the inland region of Don Khong is reserved for planting rice and host to several mountainous and highly forested parts, its east coast part and the quaint town of Muang Khong are homes to almost all the accommodation there are.

Savouring the fresh air and the breathtaking sceneries by bicycling around the countryside is the way to pass time in Don Khong, recommended to be done either early in the morning or very late in the afternoon, when temperatures are friendly. Going during the middle of the day is not advised as the heat becomes dangerously harsh. The natural lighting of the golden sun sets the mood for an excellent way to pass a few hours site seeing the few scattered small villages around the perimeter of the island. There you can see little temples and interesting sceneries along the river showcasing the main attraction of the area set against the gentle pace that life has to offer. For those with extra money and time can avail of a private and guided trek or an eight kilometre westward ride going to Muang Sen to visit its marketplace and other remarkable vistas with amazing sunsets. Moreover, a daytrip and visit to the waterfalls at Li Phi as well as seeing the Irrawaddy dolphins and the old French railroad remains are other activities worth undertaking.

General Information

Don Khong can be reached via boat ride landing at close proximity to restaurants and guesthouses scattered on the island’s eastern border. This year, a large bridge will be made available to service land vehicles to the island, in replacement for the 4 kilometre boat landing located at the southern part of the island.

Most guesthouses come with complimentary WiFi while only a few have shared computers available and 3G internet, the latter courtesy of Unitel.

Open during weekdays and located on the main road when heading south to the wat with the big Buddha, foreign currency exchange can be transacted at the Agricultural Promotion Bank. Or if you prefer, a BCEL ATM is located 300 metres from the docking area at the other side of the island.

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