Holiday in Don Dhet

Posted on: 20th April 2014

Known to many adventurers as Khao San Road on the river without the usual troubles found in Khao San Road, Don Dhet is the archetypal island destination for backpackers and trail trekkers going to Laos. Teeming with numerous and reasonable quality rooms, Don Dhet continues to scale steadily on the list of top most sites to visit for those backpacking aficionados and light-hearted travellers. The remarkable scenery lends to a relaxed ambience, which is what most people look for when vacationing.

Although most of the authentic local culture practices and experiences are slowly disappearing, the bohemian lifestyle and art-of-doing-nothing inspired activities continue to proliferate. Whether it be relaxing in a hammock for a whole week (or a month), meeting and talking to travellers or eating traveller inspired food, then Don Dhet is the perfect place to be.

Daily sunsets and sunrises continue to freeze backpacker and visitors from where they stand only to be revived by the lure of several and exciting activities like general hiking or hiking to waterfalls, cycling or taking boat trips, unlimited camping and hammock lying. It is easy to get lost in Don Dhet amidst the marvel of it all.

Crossing the French Bridge will get you to the nearby town of Don Khon where there are equally breathtaking sites such as grand water formations, rustic trains, and the occasional treat of seeing an Irrawaddy dolphin.

You can find lodging on Don Dhet prospering along the northwest side (sunset side), the northeast side (sunrise side) and the southeast side (facing Don Khon). Fortunately, electricity arrived in Don Dhet recently equipping all rooms with at least a light and fan. With the intense daytime heat (carrying over to night time), a fan becomes a necessity as most rooms become airless and humid. To add, most bungalows come with tin roofs, a poor conductor, which increases the intensity the heat. The early mornings at sunrise bungalows are the worst as well as the late afternoon hours at the sunset bungalows.

Sadly, gone are the days were rooms at Don Dhet cost $1 a night because the cheapest you will find is around $3 a night and highly depends on the season. Due to the numerous visitors, these rooms are becoming more and more difficult to find even if they are furnished only with the basics which make you feel like you are camping more than lodging. Although most bungalows are starting to offer private bathrooms, there are still plenty around that share facilities, with both prices surprisingly not differing much from each other.

Although an acquired preference for a few eccentric holidaymakers, this is what extreme travelling is all about: frugal living, relaxing by the river and meeting new friends. If you fit the description and this is what you may call the epitome of a vacation holiday, this may be that long awaited journey that only you can decide to take. So come one and come all to Don Dhet.

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