Hidden iPhone Features

Posted on: 25th August 2013

iPhone Hidden FeaturesGetting acquainted with the sometimes hidden features of smart phones can be frustrating, but rewarding in the end. Sometimes you can do things without meaning to! Here are a few tips to make getting to know your phone smooth sailing.

- Full-Screen Zoom

Sometimes, the display of your iPhone can zoom in, and no amount of pinching or scrolling will restore the normal size. Double-tapping your screen with three fingers activates the auto-zoom on your phone. Try it and watch it snap back and forth!

- Multitasking Menu

When you close an app, it can still be running in the background, using up your cellular data and draining your battery. To keep your iOS running smoothly, use the Multitasking Menu to close running apps. Access the menu by double-tapping the round home button, which will show you a list of apps that are open. Close them by holding a finger on one of the apps until they start to wiggle, then tap the apps to close. Don't forget to tap the home button again when you are done!

- Find My iPhone

Have you ever lost your smart phone only to find it two days later in the couch cushions? The Find My Device function can help you find a misplaced device by sending a remote signal to the phone, or even tracking it on GPS. To use this function, first set up an iCloud account and turn the feature on in iCloud menu. The feature can then be accessed remotely at iCloud.com, so if you lose your phone, you can log in from any computer in the world and see the GPS signal of your missing phone. Found it!

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