Helpful Tips On Online Photography Competitions

Posted on: 13th July 2014

Thinking of joining an online photo competition for the first time?

Before joining an online photo contest you must first do your homework. Learn and study all the important details and information that you need to know to increase your chances of winning the top prize. There are many ways and places to get good advice and tips. You can ask for tips or learn from your mentor or fellow enthusiasts that have joined and won photo contests. You can also find a lot of helpful tips on the internet, from forums and articles like this. Here are some tips to think about before joining a photo competition.

  1. Online Photography Competitions TipsAssuming you have all the technical skills and know all the requirements necessary to impress the judges, go ahead and proceed with your quest to have an award winning photo. But you must always remember no matter how perfect you think your skills are, you must always be willing and ready to learn and develop your skills some more.
  2. Make sure you are entering a legitimate photo competition. It is sad to say that there are many bogus sites and scammers preying on unsuspecting photography buffs and enthusiasts that just want to express and show their talents.
  3. You must always read and understand the terms and conditions since competitions vary. Yes it may be a little bit boring but it is required reading to avoid disqualification.
  4. Check for eligibility requirements for age, whether the contest is for amateurs or experts and for geographic location. Is it open to local, national and international entries?
  5. Is there a specific theme for each competition? Sometimes it is wiser to go out and hunt for the perfect shot than use your best pictures from your archive to fit the theme. It is best to just focus and understand the significance of what the competition is asking and have a sense of the best way to express it. Be different and a little out of the box but do not veer of away from the theme.
  6. If the names of the judges are posted, do a little research on them. Find out their work, what type of pictures they shoot and like.
  7. Try to look at the previous winners so you will have an idea what the sponsors and judges like.
  8. Look also at specific requirements like size. Or if they prefer you send your photo by snail mail or email. If you’ll send it online you must do it in the correct file format and size. Check for allowable number of entries. They usually accept one, others allow multiple entries.
  9. Some competitions are particular to modification. It will say if you can edit or not. If you can, they are very specific to what you can edit like the colour, balance, exposure, cropping or resizing the photo.
  10. If you do not win, just keep on joining other competitions and treat every competition as a learning experience.

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