Helpful Tips for Monitoring Your Australian Competitions

Posted on: 18th March 2013

Australian CompetitionMarketers have to deal with tough competition every day. They have to make sure that their emails get noticed first in a crowded inbox filled with ads from other promoters. Working on a fool proof strategy to stay on top of the game might be time-consuming, difficult, and straining. But in the end, you can reap the rewards – getting the attention and eventually the loyalty of your target audience. So here are helpful tips to monitor your Australian competitions.

Preference Centre

Make time to discover the data that your Australian competition is gathering during the subscription process and preference centre. Look into the options they provide to their subscriber base such as interests, frequency, and mail streams. Determine whether you should also collect the same data they are collecting or not. You also don’t want to ignore how they integrate social media and mobile into their preference centre because it can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your own process.

Subject Lines

Subject lines play a crucial role in getting the attention you hope for. Therefore, you should compare yours with other Australian competitors and ask yourself “If I am the reader, which will I open first?” The type of keywords used in subject lines is also essential so whether you focus on product or price, the most important thing is to enable the subscriber to open your email first. By tracking your competition’s subject lines, you can assess how your own subject line testing program is faring.


It is not enough that you read the content of other Australian competitions. You have to monitor the pattern they employ so you can uncover their content strategy. Observe how they customise or personalise their content. Factors you have to look out for are the length, balance between text and graphics, ad segmenting (according to gender, previous clients, list source, lapsed subscriptions, etc.).


This becomes the downfall of many marketers because they simply do not know how to resist the urge of bombarding their target subscribers with emails. You must learn to control yourself before ruining your chance of getting that potential client. Find out first the email frequency of your competition and its success rate to their program. Even after finally deciding on how often you will send an email, you also have to ensure that it does not go directly to spam/junk mail.

Read Rate

At the end of the day, one thing matters: the readability level of your email. It is different from the open rate, although both are vital engagement metrics of your email program. It is so easy to resort to doing what your competition does – sending emails in bulk and in an increasing frequency but it can backfire instantly if you send the wrong message or you cannot send the right message across. Assess carefully which email streams will produce the highest read rate and then take advantage of that. This way, you can arm yourself with a strategic way to keep your email program in tiptop shape.

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