Have Fun With Recipe Contests – And Win Big Prizes, Too

Posted on: 7th April 2014

Contrary to common belief, everyone can win a recipe contest. It is not necessary that you are a highly experienced cook or a professional in this line. If you have a flair for cooking, or you have an exceptional recipe, you can take part in these recipe contests and come home with some most exciting prizes. Here are a few tips that will help you bag the first prize:

  1. Give It An Exotic Name – have your recipe be known by an appetizing name; something that would inspire people to look it up and want to know more about it. An interesting name is as important as the presentation of a recipe.
  2. Keep It Simple – some of the most appealing recipes require less than 10 ingredients and can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. We live in a world where time is precious; hence, everyone will appreciate greatly recipes that help putting together a tasty and nutritious dish in the least possible time, with the least possible effort.
  3. The Secret Ingredient – put in your special touch. Whatever the dish you are presenting is, make sure you add your personal stamp to it. In other words, let there not be another one like yours. Experiment with flavors, ingredients, spices and make the recipe totally unique.
  4. Always Use Ingredients From Sponsors – most contests/ sweepstakes are meant to promote certain products and/ or product brand. Always ensure that you use products/ ingredients from the sponsors’ product range. In this way, your recipe will be best poised to win the first prize.
  5. Aim At The Largest Possible Audience – the more attractive your recipe is to the wider audience, the higher the chances for it to win. Keep in mind that the purpose of the contest is to market the sponsors’ product and build its brand. Hence, the most appealing it is to the public in general, the easier this is done.
  6.  Present It With Flair -  it is as important for the recipe to make an excellent and tasty dish as it is to have it present in the most appetizing and aesthetically pleasing way. People should want to reach out and taste it, when they see your dish served. Work on the presentation and ensure that you make it look great on a serving plate.
  7. Use Easy-to-find Ingredients – while exotic dishes will require special ingredients, try your best to use ingredients that are easily available in grocery stores. This would make the dish popular with regular people and increase your chances to win the biggest prizes in recipe contests.

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