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Posted on: 22nd September 2014

Crescent HotelSome of the most famous and oldest travel lodges and castles-turned-into hotels are woven into many eerie legends and have been immortalized in history of mankind because of the traumas they endured. Some of these buildings are part of the urban legends which are rather rumors spread for publicity but there are some old hotels built centuries ago and have witnessed incidents and are actually playgrounds of legitimate unfortunate paranormal activities.

The stories and legends associated with the haunted hotels offer an insight to the days past and the misfortune they bore. Sightings of ghosts and evidence of paranormal activities in hotels have been found all over the planet. The older the hotels get, spookier they become.

Over the decades people all over the world have shared their most spooky and blood-curling experiences. The truth behind their experiences or the legitimacy of their stories is certainly dubious but for those who want to find it out for themselves and leave no room for doubt, the haunted hotels are anxiously waiting to be explored.

Built in 1886 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Crescent Hotel is known as the “most haunted hotel in US”. Sightings of a woman and a little boy in the hallways and kitchen of the hotel have are a common occurrence but the most eerie happenings occur in Room 218. The room is said to be built on the place where a stonecutter named Michel died due to a falling accident. The guests residing in the room have never been able to deny the presence of something (more of someone) unearthly.

Castle Leslie in Ireland is a hotel which was once the Glaslough castle and was owned by the Leslie family ever since 1665. The family resided in the castle for 3 centuries and the spirits of the residents of the family who died in there still consider it to be their home. One of the most notorious spirits is Norman Leslie, who died in the WWI.

These haunted hotels have attracted a lot of tourists from places far and near and along with tourists they have also captured the attention of many paranormal activity researchers. Avid travelers who have a taste for the unknown and strong hearts are drawn to these haunted cursed buildings like moths to flames for adventures and thrills they don’t find in the monotony of their mundane lives. And at times they get more than they bargained for.

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