Happy Stories Of Lottery Winners

Posted on: 18th March 2014

A sudden windfall of money is not always a ticket to a fairytale life. Most of the time it is otherwise; it brings with it broken marriages, lost friends, huge debts and acute depression. However, there are happy stories to share too. Most happy stories are about people who did not allow the money to change their lifestyle and were before quire disciplined financially. Here are a few stories that will inspire you:

  1. A Winning Family In Victoria – the winning ticket was bought by retired woman who was a casual lottery buyer. She could believe her ears when she got the call, she told the Melbourne Herald Sun in December 2012. She and her husband who was to retire the next year, choose to stay anonymous. They used the money to liquidate their three children’s study loans and provided them with a substantial amount towards buying a house each. With the rest of the money they bought a house, invested  a good amount ensuring a carefree retirement life and took a long vacation to Asia. This does look like the ‘they lived happily ever after’ story.
  1. The Story of the Chester Family – in 2010 the Chester family won through a Tatts lottery ticket AU$18 million. Mr Chester – who bought the winning ticket – rarely bought lottery tickets and never gambled. The Chesters kept the news low – though no anonymous – and  made sure that the folks in their neighborhood not know about it. What they did with the money? They invested it after they gave the Church 1/10th as tithe. Their lifestyle remained the same more or less. They bought a house, a nice house and tied up money in trust for their children. The whole family go on vacation every year – and that is about the only indulgence they allowed themselves. They are still happy, they are still rich and their children are leading a normal life. Of course, they will never worry for money in their lives.
  1. The Queensland Couple – just after the Queensland floods a couple won a fully furnished home worth $1 million in the Mater Prize Home Lottery. They also won a whopping $50,000 in gold. Michelle – the wife – said she was delighted with the prize. They never won anything before and they were struggling in Government accommodation prior to winning the bumper prize. The winning ticket was bought during a drive for raising money for hospitals. The couple delightedly advise everyone to buy lottery tickets once in a while; who knows when Lady Luck will smile on you!

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