Great Prizes for a Successful Online Contest

Posted on: 11th July 2014

Big cash prizes or the latest high value gadgets are almost always a guarantee to create attention to reach a larger audience and a wider range of demographics. Organizers can always expect quite an interest and a large number of participants with such prize offerings.

Online Contest Great PrizesThis strategy actually works for many but for some, cash prizes and high value items may not always be the answer, especially if your business is geared towards attracting a particular market. Your main concern is how to introduce, promote and get a wider reach and how to attract as many people as you can in your intended target market to increase sales and gain profit.

Although high value prizes and cash prizes attract large numbers of participants, most of them really just want to get the winning prize and they probably have no interest in knowing your products and no intention at all in buying them.

And this is why by providing specific, unique and appealing niche prizes you will able to address your concerns and goals, increasing the level of interest, attractiveness, relevance and importance to attract your target audience.

•           Out of the ordinary and attractive prizes can be very rewarding and can even be more popular than cash prizes. There are times when a competition and prize is so unique that it attracts all kinds of interest that your competition actually promotes itself even through word of mouth. It can even create enough excitement that it attracts the media as it becomes a human interest story and ends up giving priceless publicity for your business and products.

•           Make it relevant and important to your customers and participants, those that bring happy positive memories which can eventually be associated with your products and lead consumers to have a good feeling every time they purchase your product.

•           Prizes that can be valuable and special to your target customers. Value of things can be subjective and not necessarily measured by the amount of money it cost.  Create an opportunity, a once in a life time experience that anyone can treasure or be proud of.  It is a chance to be with and meet or dine with a famous artist or, give away hard-to-get sold out concert tickets. You can also try giving away collectible items like a small gold nugget or art works that can be a conversation piece. Or even a spa treatment and a total make over.

•           You can think out of the box and be creative with the mechanics that helps provide multiple winners instead of one winner for your competition. Offer consolation prizes rewards, and different ways and means to get prizes. That will help encourage participants to invite friends and families to join your competition. Provide 2nd and 3rd prize winners, consolations, reward for the first 50 participants that joined your competition. And as a form of gratitude to all the participants you can give away discount coupons or free samples that can translate into more sales and loyalty.

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