Gone Are The Days of These Technologies

Posted on: 27th August 2013

Technology changes at an erupting pace. We, the humans, are consistently influenced by it easily. Though we try using the latest innovations, there are few obsolete technologies that are still in use by us. Here is a small list of these old inventions that do not go down at all.

• Dial-up Internet Access: Dial-up Internet Access helps in accessing the internet through PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Though gone are the days when we used to turn on the internet only for few minutes, people still use this obsolete technology.

Obsolete Technologies Landline phones: Most of the people still have landline phones in their house. The idea of wired phone was soon replaced by wireless network. However, at present, more than half the population of the world are still interested in using landline phones.

• Fax Machines: This innovation surprised everyone back in the 1970s. You print a letter here, dial a number on a machine and the paper goes to the dialled person! However, by using fax machines, it appears that people are still looking at this as a surprise and hence, it is not planning to go down at all.

• Pagers: Pagers were called as mini mobiles. You were able to communicate and receive messages from anyone who had your number. This was yet another surprising element of1970s. You will have to call on a number and deliver the message to the pager owner and he will revert you back was the main basic principle of pager. Even if this looks silly now, it was the best innovation of that time.

• CDs / DVDs: These compact discs(CD) or digital video discs(DVD) are still used even by a huge tech savvy crowd. They followed the invention of floppy discs. Even the computer or laptop owners, while delivering their devices, tend to provide a CD or a DVD to explain the software installed on the device.

Though one can enlist a very long list of obsolete technologies, these technologies refuse to back down and are here to stay for a long time. Every device has its own importance and specialty due to which it was invented. These specialties may not be present in the upcoming inventions, though this might be wrong, which makes people use it till date without any difficulties or hesitations. You never know, even while reading this post, the internet might be one of the obsolete technologies people use.

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