Golfing and Picnicking in Bermuda

Posted on: 17th June 2014

Everywhere else in the world, golf courses are planned keeping the wind in mind, as they say, “No wind, No golf”. The holes are also designed accordingly, the long downwind holes and short upwind holes. But in Bermuda, the wind is not very surprising as it is constant and regular.  The unusual flow of air makes the play diverse each day on a Bermudian course. The ball can be hit straight because of the wind and this can have a considerably amplifying effect on a slick or hood.

Golfing and Picnicking in BermudaAs the grounds of the Bermudian courses are hard so the strategies that are used on intensely watered trails cannot be adopted. Do not misjudge the distance to hazard as the ball will travel a lot in the fairway. Instead of chipping, it is best to run the ball around the greens. Along with the shot depending upon the unexpected inexplicable changes of the wind, you will find it very tricky to get under the ball on the firm fairways. Your club face will probably turn if you are stuck in the Bermudian grass and you try to swing through it.

If you are getting ready for a Bermuda trip, you need to rehearse run-up shots using a 5- or 6-iron from close cropped lies or just a putter from off the green. Instead of trying to move the ball forward and landing risk in the rough again, use midirons drill to practice shots from the rough, leaning back on the street. On putting surfaces, putts will break not as much on the bent grass because of the smooth wavy and grainer surface.

A Perfect Picnic

Get rid of your typical cutlery and have your snacks in that refreshing sea breeze. The Botanical Gardens that are situated on Middle Road, and the lush green surroundings with those Poinciana trees giving a cooling effect, makes it a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. In the spacious lawns out there, there are many benches for you to sit on and you can find some picnic tables too and not only this, you can also take your blanket along and spread it in the huge lawns and relax. As there is no café around, you should have your own food arrangement.

Among many of Bermuda's nicest picnic spots, there is the Clearwater Beach which is situated in St. David's. Picnic tables have been set on the shore and nearby. There is a grocery store at a short distance from where you can pick your picnic provisions or you can order lunch from a restaurant at St. David's.

The Jobson Cove Beach is a small but peaceful beach, which has green hills in the background. To the west of this lies the Warwick Long Bay. It is perfect for private picnics as there is no café or snack bar around, no benches or tables and most of the times no people.

John Smith's Bay is one of the famous and tested picnic points and is famous for the wooden tables under the tress that gives a very attractive look and is an admired spot for the locals. In order to enjoy the beauty of the beach, you need to get there early to grab a good spot.

Somerset Long Bay Park, which is next to Bermuda Audubon Society nature reserve, has a crescent shaped beach with thick trimmed trees, and serene water is also a great place to hang out. This park is adjacent to Bermuda Audubon Society nature reserve. The grocery store is only at a distance of half a mile from the park and you can find benches and picnic tables beneath the trees.

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