Give Back to Your Community and Grab Big Prize Packages with Your Local RSL Club

Posted on: 22nd February 2013

Competition TipsThe Returned and Service League of Australia (RSL) was started in 1916, when it was known as the Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australia (the name was changed in 1990). The mission of the RSL is to ensure that there are programs in place to deal with the care and well being of retired defence force members and their departments. RSL clubs are actively involved in the promotion of community and government, which ensures that Australia remains progressive, secure and stable.


The RSL club impact can be felt in communities across Australia. These clubs have offered many free services to the citizens of Australia, leaving a great impact on their lives. RSL has established clubs across the country. Club events include dinners, sporting events, and entertainment groups. The money earned by these clubs is used to support community development, funding counselling services, sports clubs, youth services, age and disability services, and education.


RSL clubs are big on giveaways and competitions: whether it’s hosting a free birthday party for a veteran, or having a prize giveaway. RSL clubs are known to giveaway huge prizes such as vacations, cars, free dinners, cash prizes, iPads, and heaps of other little luxuries.


When you visit an RSL club you will be surprised at the amount of activities they offer. In addition to recreational activities, you will meet other people who have the same interests as you. RSL clubs allow you to give back to your community while you enjoy yourself. Some clubs even offer accommodation for people who have to travel a long way.


Contact your local RSL club today and become a member for chances to give back to your community- and win prizes.

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