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Posted on: 6th July 2014

The internet has opened up new ways for companies to promote their products. From wanting to get ahead of competitors, to introducing new products in the market, and even revitalizing a slow moving brand. Companies set aside millions of dollars of their budget for advertising and promotional campaigns. Marketing strategies have begun to focus on the internet as they realize that it does not only provide a means to reach more people, but holds more untapped potential just waiting to be properly utilized.

Free Stuff OnlineThese businesses have already thought of many ways to attract people and promote their merchandise in the internet. Giving away free stuff online does not only introduce and promote their products to people, as it also provides goodwill to their future loyal customers. Many companies, promoters and marketers have thought of many fun exciting and easy ways to give away items for free.

Making their product as a prize give away for online competitions would surely attract attention to it. Companies provide their own competitions or as major sponsors to online promoters and marketers giving away their precious products. It is one way to introduce or create a buzz for the product.  Companies will have a perfect chance to describe the item, promote its features, its market price, special qualities, links to know more about the product or anything that the manufacturer would want to highlight to make it very attractive as interested participants would want to know more about the prize that is being given away.

Giving away free samples online is another great way to reach out to possible customers. Manufactures are providing a means to let as many people as possible to use and try out their products for free. Pinning their confidence and pride on the quality and competitiveness of their product. They believe that once people have a chance to know their product they would be able to convince many people to like and purchase them and even sway customers of competitors to switch loyalties in their favour.

The idea of giving away free stuff online is not designed to only benefit the manufacturers, promoters, and marketers. The benefits go both ways, business not only increases their profits, they also get a chance to improve their products through feedbacks.  And for many consumers and compers the magic word is ‘It’s Free!’ and the products being given away are not cheap or of poor quality merchandise, but they are sought after, high value, high quality products and services. At the same time consumers get more choices, the chance to personally try out and know more high quality products, gives them more freedom to choose the right products they want, according to their needs, their taste and personal preference.  The participants and consumers get to walk away happy as well.

If you value any type of free stuff you can get from different companies, then you’ll never run out of great items to try. You only need to follow a few simple rules.

  1. Create a separate email account for getting free samples online. A dedicated email address will allow you to immediately find the information you need about available samples, and you will avoid clogging your primary email inbox with multiple notifications from the companies with whom you are corresponding.
  2. Read in full the terms and conditions before signing up for a mail list for free samples. The legitimacy of the company will be apparent there. It will also clear up whether some items are sent only to selected countries.
  3. Find out why they are offering free samples. If the product is new then it is being introduced to the market and you will be expected to buy the item afterwards.
  4. You need to research whether you need to take a survey or send in a report after you get the sample so you don’t get surprised.
  5. Try on the products and/or services with gusto! Enjoy your free stuff hunting!

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