Getting Free Samples in the Mail

Posted on: 22nd June 2014

Getting Free Samples in the MailUsually when you ask companies for free samples you get them through regular mail. Yes! The good old snail mail is the preferred means by companies when they choose to send out their products to their clients. They usually take a lot time but are still fairly dependable compared to today’s online world with Email, Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter where everything is instantly happening with the click of a button. Many companies actually use this mode of delivery even though it takes longer time and requires people to have more patience.  It is the least costly for them, and minimizes their expenses for sending those already free items they are giving away to you through mail, rather than use those costly overnight delivery companies.

Read the following tips that might help you make sure your packages will get delivered right to your door steps:

  1. After making sure you are in a legitimate site, and that you feel comfortable enough to give away some information about yourself.  Personal information about you and especially your address will be required by the promoter. Always give the right and correct address so they will know exactly where to send the sample you have asked for.
  2. Always try to make sure that you give them your right email address, as many make the simple mistake of pressing a wrong key when typing their email address. Companies would like some confirmation or questionnaire or survey returned, and if you miss it because emails are not properly sending to your right email address, you will not be able to reply and they will not be able to send the item.
  3. Better yet, make other email accounts to organize and prevent you from being over whelmed by the large number of volume of emails you will receive. Once in a while check your spam box since there are times when the email that you are waiting for ends up in the spam box.   Make a list of all the items you have received and the sites that have responded to you. If you like them, if they are of good quality and can live up to what they are promoting, make some effort to promote them to your families and friends.       And please have some control, know what is inappropriate or not because you don’t want your name taken off the list. Try not to keep asking for free samples too soon and too often, do so only at least after six months to a year. Actually there are sites that would even inform you that they have new samples available to be given away.
  4. Check thoroughly you entries before you submit them, review them to make sure they are correct. Companies basically require confirmation of the order and your email address which I had mentioned earlier.  Know that items that are not confirmed will be deleted by the promoter after a period of time.
  5. Always follow the rules and regulations of the promoter, sometimes you are required to sign in to get free items. Always give the correct info, since the next time the promoter has another give away promotion, they would probably want to get in touch with you and send you another invitation for their promotions.

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