Get Free Stuff: Try It Before You Buy It

Posted on: 3rd July 2014

As the internet has provided consumers easy access to get free stuff online, many are beginning to realize the possibility of first trying out and using the items we like before we actually buy them.   We are given the opportunity to observe and examine for a longer period of time how it works, how it tastes or if we like it and if it really lives up to what it promises as advertised.

Get Free StuffHave you ever bought something, then after some time you realize that you don’t like it? Did you ever buy something because you thought you needed it, or it was a fad and everyone else was buying it, or a friend bought one and you ended up buying it too, or you were convinced by a very talented sales person? And then you realize that you have lost interest and probably would never use the item again.

Good news! You don’t have to waste your money this way anymore. It is in fact wise of you to get a free item first of the product you are interested in before you actually buy one. Go online, and I suggest that you also try to get free samples of other brands of the similar product to compare which you will like the best.

We want anyone who’s willing to try this, especially on their first attempt in trying to get free stuff online, to have a nice and exciting experience. So first you must read, know, study and learn all about avoiding scammers and bogus sites. On the other hand there are also legitimate sites that are dedicated to giving away free samples online.  So, always read and understand the terms and conditions as well as the fine prints of online sites. If they are asking you to pay for shipping, it is not truly a free sample. Do not give away any financial and credit card information no matter how convincing they sound.

The best and safest way to get free samples of the products you want is to directly contact the different manufacturers through their company’s website. Just be up front with your request, let them know you are willing to recommend their product to your family and friends if you like it.  It is not unusual that more than one company would agree to your request. You can also go to a reputable website like Competition Crazy that has organized and provides a list of legitimate sites and links that gives away free stuff and samples in Australia. You can also visit the manufacturer’s site, and the stores that sell the items you want.

You must sign up in these sites to be included in their mailing list. We suggest that you create a new email address separate from your personal email address and dedicated only for acquiring free stuff and samples online. You couldn’t imagine the amount of email you are bound to receive from all the marketers and promoters around the world promoting their wares. Try to develop a system so you will not miss the important notifications that you are waiting for.

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