George Sturt £26m Euromillions Jackpot Lottery Winner

Posted on: 13th September 2013

After scooping more than £26 million on the EuroMillions lottery British taxi driver George Sturt shared the secrets of how he scooped the jackpot shared with a French man who picked the same numbers. For Sturt and his three children who played as a syndicate each week the jackpot win came after the 76 year old taxi driver had lost his wife to cancer just six months before winning the EuroMillions lottery.

Sturt Family Lottery WinnerTo win the EuroMillions jackpot Sturt and his children followed one of the major tips often given by experts, which is to set a budget fro purchasing tickets and stick to it. For the Sturt family this meant staking just £4 each per drawing in a bid to strike it rich with a jackpot win. Sticking to their budget the MR. Sturt was a lottery winner on the two draws before winning the jackpot.

Mr Sturt still drives a taxi part time despite being 76 years old and claims he will not be quitting his job because he enjoys it so much. After losing his wife, Maureen just six months before winning the jackpot in 2010 Mr. Sturt claimed his deceased wife had a hand in the jackpot win and he had thanked her in private for helping the family win. In return the family plan to give part of their winnings to cancer research charities following the cancer related death of Maureen.

Although the pensioner did not give details of how he picked his winning numbers most experts agree picking your own numbers is one of the best ways of ensuring success. Avoiding quick pick options is often cited as one of the best options when it comes to trying to win a large prize.

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