Gambling For Fun

Posted on: 5th October 2014

GamblingHi Friends! I am Stella. I have written this article to break a pre-conceived notion attached with Gambling. Gambling is often represented as an activity often taken up for saving oneself from financial ruin or destituteness. This so-called notion is a sheer fallacy and nothing else. People have been gambling since centuries and it is still a healthy practice among upper echelons of society. Certainly, gambling is all about betting more, winning more. And if you are not having abundant money, then what will you gamble on?

I did gambling for fun and entertainment. Uncontrollable gambling is severe as it can destroy your life to an imaginable extent but a little gambling has never killed anyone. This summer I was in Las Vegas and skipping gambling from the itinerary here is very bad. So we decided to visit the most famous, the most magnificent and the most crowded casino in Las Vegas City. Our intention was clear – Experiencing the feel and fervor of being present in city’s greatest and biggest casino ever. But we later decided to experience the game gambling closely. We knew it will be fun and thus, no one hesitated.

When we entered the casino hall, we all were flabbergasted. The ambience of the casino was dark and clamorous. There were strong winning and losing reactions erupting every now and then from every corner. Delighted, nervous and cheerful – we slowly occupied our seats. I decided to try my hands on gambling slot machines. I had always seen them on television and it was my live chance to play and know how it actually feels like. So without further thinking, I went and occupied one of them. At first it became quite challenging for me to identify the virtual reel but I tried my best to mug-up whatever instructor told me. One thing was clear that I was there to enjoy, and not for winning anything. I tried and tried and tried, but couldn’t hit the right image. But the more I tried, the more I got better with each shot. And sooner, I achieved my first success by winning $16. Oh Gosh! It was phenomenal. And then I didn’t stop. After witnessing a trail of failures, I was finally raking in money at every try. The feeling cannot be expressed. But I stopped myself sat right time. Too much greed is bad for financial health.

I am happy that I decided to visit Casino in Las Vegas. It was an unforgettable experience.

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