Funny and Interesting Facts About Lottery

Posted on: 26th June 2014

There are many interesting facts about lottery, contests and sweepstakes. Here are few things you might not have know about lotto until now:

  1. Men gamble more than women
  2. As many as 33 percent of lottery winners in the USA file for bankruptcy
  3. Every year prizes valued at $500 million remain unclaimed
  4. People over 65 play lottery the least
  5. 87 percent gave part of their winning to charity.
  6. 98 percent of the lottery winners share their money with family members, out of these 66 percent shared their good fortune with siblings, 57 percent gave a good portion of it to their children, and 51 percent gave a good portion of it to their parents.
  7. Interesting Lottery FactsYou will find the best odds to win a lottery in Ireland with your chances to win being 1:8,145,060.
  8. You will find the worst odds to win a lottery in Italy with your chances to win being 1:622,614,630.
  9. The chances that you die hit by a meteorite are 1:20,000.
  10. The chances that you are hit by lighting are 1:587,000.
  11. You would be more likely to be killed by lightning 5,000:1 than winning a lottery.
  12. You are more likely to be killed in a fire 146:1 than winning a lottery.
  13. You are more likely to be murdered 8,000:1 than winning a lottery.
  14. The chances you have to marry a millionaire are 1:220.
  15. The group which spends most on lottery comes from school dropouts.
  16. In the USA, for every lottery won, 35 percent of the total money raised in ticket sales goes to the Government where the lottery is sold, 15 percent is spent on administration and related costs and 50 percent goes out in prizes/ winnings.
  17. Greatest tragedy – Clarence Jackson Jr missed the deadline to claim his lottery winning by 3 days in 1996. He had won $5.8 million.
  18. If you wondered whether money does indeed bring in happiness – you will be happy to know that figures proves it does – 65 percent told that they are indeed happier than ever; and 35 percent said that it did not change them.
  19. Money also makes marriages happier too. 92 percent of married couples live happily ever after – post a major lottery win.
  20. Of all major lottery winners in the USA, about 29 percent had their families ask them for monetary help.
  21. If you put $20 every month in a mutual fund, for 40 years you would be likely to have about $95,000 in your account.

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