Fun Facts About Lottery Winners

Posted on: 28th August 2014
  1. Lottery WinnersA study shows that low income persons have better chances to win lottery. The study, which focused on winners of lottery in the state of California, highlighted that 40% of people who buy lottery tickets do not have a regular job or source of income.
  1. Most winners say that they bought the ticket after a significant omen of good luck. One winner told that he had dreamed he won; another said that he bought a ticket after a friend told him that being pooped on by a pigeon is good luck.
  1. Most lottery winners become super guarded about their winning; so much so that there were instances when winners kept it a secret even from their spouses. Donna Campbell found that her husband was behaving strangely. Puzzled at his behavior, she googled his name hoping to get a hint – and found that he had won a lottery.
  1. Winners cannot claim their money after 6 month from the announcement of the lottery results. About $61 million is lying unclaimed as lottery winnings.
  1. Lottery winnings have different rate of taxation depending on how you want to receive your money. For example, if someone won $1 million and want their money in one settlement, taxes would be 40 percent. However, if they chose to receive in smaller, yearly amounts, the taxes will be 28%.
  1. One third of all lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy, proving the adage, “Easy come, easy go” true.
  1. Contrary to common belief lottery winning does not bring along only joy and a lot of money for shopping and dream-come-true experiences. Lottery winnings bring massive stress as well. Money actually has resulted in loss of family, friends and even total peace of mind.
  1. The longest ever celebration of lottery winners was for two weeks by a pub syndicate from London.
  1. A winner shared his story saying that he almost did not win the lottery. He had kept his ticket in his jeans, which were about to be washed. His girlfriend checked his pocket before throwing it in the washing machine and found the ticket. He won GPB1.5 million with that ticket.
  2. People use their money in most unusual ways. One winner bought a castle, another a race horse, another used the money for breast enlargement.
  3. 65 percent of winners said that the lottery winning improved their life and the money reduced their stress. Only 2 percent  of the winners regretted that they won.

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