Fun Facts About Gambling In Las Vegas

Posted on: 29th June 2014

Las Vegas Gambling FactsKnown as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, Las Vegas is the dream destination for every person who loves gambling. It is also known as the “Sin City” owing to its immense indulgence and tolerance for various adult entertainment forms. Here are a few interesting facts about this wondrous city everyone should know:

  1. 17 out of the top 20 largest and most luxurious hotels in the USA are located in Las Vegas.
  1. It costs only about $55 (for wedding licence) to marry in Las Vegas. It is no surprise that there are 320 wedding solemnized every day.
  1. In Las Vegas the legal age for marrying is 16 years.
  1. Those who wake up from a hurried marriage can obtain a quick divorce in the city of Reno
  1.  The city of Las Vegas has a population of 568,000 people. This number is totally dwarfed by the number of tourists that number 40 million per annum.
  1. The Vegas Vic – the popular and famous neon sign on Freemont Street – is the biggest such sign in the world.
  1. The Sin City completed its 100th birthday on 15 May 2005.
  1. The Stratosphere Hotel and Tower in the 5th tallest building in the USA. It stands at 1,100 feet tall.
  1. The most popular part of Las Vegas is located in Clark County, which is outside the city limits of the city.
  1.  Desert Inn was the first hotel which Howard Hughes bought. This was in 1966 when he came to stay for a days in Las Vegas. Being extremely eccentric, he was asked to leave on the second day itself. In retaliation, he bought the hotel and continued to enjoy his stay in Las Vegas.
  1. The quantity of shrimps consumed in Las Vegas equals that consumed in the whole country. The number comes close to 60,000 pounds every day.
  1. The Sin City owes its existence to Bugsy Siegel (real name Benjamin Siegel) who dreamt of setting up this place as a gambling paradise. The hotel which had more than 100 beds was named after his showgirl girlfriend, i.e. “The Flamingo”.
  1. Las Vegas has seen as many as 22,027 conventions last year itself.
  1. Las Vegas has about 200,000 slot machines, which is approximately 1 slot per 8 people in the city.
  1. Nevada was first famous for its rich silver deposit following the discovery of Comstock Lode. Today, gold is the highest value mineral.

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