Free Things You Can Experience in Major Cities Around the World

Posted on: 25th November 2013

The best things in life are free – or so Janet Jackson and Luther Vandross said. But we’re not rich and famous like them so we tend to always pay for stuff if we want them. And when it comes to planning your round the world trip, that would entail a lot of money. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a remarkable experience of famous cities around the world without having to shell out a single cent.


Free Experience in Major Cities Around the WorldUnbelievable it may seem, there are attractions and recreational activities in these key RTW destinations that won’t require you to cough up with cash. And here they are.



You can experience Sydney for free when you head down to the beach. Surf lovers and sun worshippers alike would adore the long line of fabulous beaches here. From volleyball and sunbathing to bodysurfing and sunset watching, Sydney beaches have a lot to offer you during your RTW trip here. Try walking along Spit Bridge to Manly or from Bondi to Coogee where you can have that peace and serenity you definitely needed. Plus, the city abounds with free concerts, programs, and festivals that would get you high in party fever. And do not forget to visit art galleries and museums that showcase its culture and heritage, all for free.



The outdoors of Auckland can offer the best things you can experience for free during your RTW trip. Devonport is the most charming of them all. Bring out your favourite bathing suit and work that tan right away. The 16 km Coast to Coast walk is also a must-do, especially on a fine summer day. Be lost in the beauty and charm of Waitemata Harbour to Manukau Harbour. Take plenty of pictures of Mt. Eden and The Domain, which you can pass by as you walk its trail.


New York City

If you’re shamelessly tight, you’d just ignore the museum policy here where you are encourage to make certain donations in exchange for having to satisfy your aesthetic senses through works of art. Metropolitan Museum of Art is famed for its no-strings-attached free entry every Friday from 4 to 8 pm. If you’re looking for places where there is permanent free entrance, try the Onassis Cultural Collection, the Harbour Defence Museum, and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. If you just want to enjoy a classic picnic meal, the Central Park is your best bet.



The city’s biggest attractions do not ask for a single cent upon entry. From temples and war cemeteries to chapels and museums – you’re free to roam around and experience all the wonderful sceneries for free. But it’s not just those. There’s Haw Par Villa, the Botanic Gardens, and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve are also fantastic places where you don’t have to spend anything but still have a great time.


Hong Kong

Save your Wednesday so you can visit the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art where entrance charges are waived for the whole day. If you’re set to go on other days of the week but still feel a little bit stingy, try the Correctional Services Museum, the Hong Kong Racing Museum, and the Museum of Tea Ware. For outdoor lovers, there’s the New Territories, which lie beyond the mainland and Kowloon but a little before you reach the border of China proper. You would adore the rolling hills and the perfectly serene environment. For more challenge, try the 50km Hong Kong Trail. If you can’t conquer it all, just pick a section and still enjoy the outdoors for free.




The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building has its 45th floor filled with art galleries that can be viewed by everyone for free. You can get a clear glimpse of the Mount Fuji here. Better not forget your camera because you’ll get fabulous shots you can show to your family and friends back home. Shrines and temples are places of tranquillity where you can enjoy some quiet meditation without shedding any money at all. Walk around the moat of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and not worry about deducting anything from your travel budget either. If you prefer a more lively way of spending your RTW trip here, head out to Yoyogi Park on a Sunday where live bands and performers would impress you with their talents and skills. Do not leave Tokyo without experiencing the Sumo Wrestling Museum, which does not charge any entrance fee as well.



Bangkok is one of those key RTW cities where your wallet won’t experience any dent at all. Street foods are varied, clean, and very affordable while entertainment centres ask for very low entrance fee. But if you want to conquer Bangkok without spending anything, head out to the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre as well as to numerous temples around the city. Go sightseeing around the markets and have a closer look at the lives of the locals. Lumphini Park is also a gratis entry place where you can relax and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.


Los Angeles

LA is best known for free entertainment on its beaches. Head out to Santa Monica or Malibu where you can bump (maybe) with the rich and famous. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is something you should not miss especially when there is no money involved. Of course, if you want to feed your aesthetic palate and add to your intellectual experience, visit the California Science Centre, the Griffith Park Observatory, and the California African American Museum, to name a few.

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