Free Stuff Will Save You Money

Posted on: 23rd June 2014

Yes! You can get a lot of different free stuff on the internet if you have the patience and the desire to do it. Don’t be surprised, or try to be a cynic if you haven’t heard or seen or actually experience that it happens. We’re not even going to talk about the free music, movies, videos and articles you can legally download.

There is still some need for caution though. There are many scammers out there, but do not think that every site that gives away free stuff could only be involved in a scam. There are actually several ways to get all kinds of good, nice, high quality merchandise and services in the net from the different companies out there. Many businesses have discovered ways how to reach out and attract many people in the internet to promote their products, services or whatever message, or cause that they are trying to promote.

Saving Money With Free StuffCompanies are locked in a constant struggle with each other competing for your attention, and loyalty. This struggle is so tough it has reached a point where they are not only fighting over demography, sections or groups of people that they have targeted, the battle is way beyond that now. Their crosshairs are literally targeting and competing over each individual.

The loyalty of a single person to a brand, to a company, through developing a good name and name recall by associating themselves with a great costumer service, dependability, generosity, friendliness, a good and fun experience for individuals is worth much more to them than what they seem to be giving away. Actually what they are spending are part of their allotted expenses for promoting their products and company. So no worries, these things are really meant to please you and buy your loyalty. They are betting on the individual’s power as a consumer, his decisions to choose their products in the future, his and his family’s projected consumptions and loyalty, etc.

Companies have developed all sorts of promotional strategies to try and reach, attract, hook, and catch consumers. Anyone can take advantage of all these companies’ desires to get you. Any product that you need and is able to get for free saves you money.

One of most common way companies and sponsors give away their merchandise are through the means of online competitions. Some get freebies by completing surveys, through reward programs, and also by directly contacting the company with the product you want to sample.

Directly contact them, no lies and gimmick needed to get some of the items you want.  Tell them that you are ready to change and experience a new brand, you are bored with what you have been using and you are interested in their product.  Do not be shy; try to write all the other brands that you like with similar products. Not all will probably reply but hopefully more than one would send samples. You get the idea?   You can also mention in your letter that you will recommend them to your friends. And if you like to have fun and add something new to your life, you can use the social media, start a blog that can give positive comments, or use YouTube that do product reviews or how to do things in your videos.  Try to make your work look good and nice and polished. If you hit a niche, that will keep the products coming!

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