Free Stuff? Companies Can Give You That!

Posted on: 14th January 2014

Discounts, marked-down prices, on sales items – these things make us all excited and all ready to pounce on them. But wouldn’t it be better if we can totally get them for free? Yes, there is a way to make companies send you your favourite stuff.

Even if it would require some elbow grease on your part, but hey, if you really want to have it and you have some extra time to kill, why not give it a try? I’m talking about simple techniques like requesting for free samples, joining program rewards, taking surveys or just by complaining about the quality of their merchandise. Ready to find out more?

free-stuffRequesting for Free Samples

• Write a letter to a specific company that makes your favourite product. Tell them you’re a big fan of their say, body wash, and that you always love to use it.
• Add a personal touch to your letter. Share them about when you started using the product and how you love its effect to your skin. Let them know how eager you are to buy this particular product in the grocery and that you have recommended it also to your friends.
• Now, you can politely request if they can send you any coupons or discount cards to help you continue enjoying this product at a lower price. Or if they can provide you with free samples, that you would also appreciate it.

• Register to the company’s website and include your birthdate. They usually have free offers or birthday specials for members.
• Wait for your birthday and avail the freebies.

• Start a blog and write about anything under the sun. Most importantly, add a section devoted to product reviews.
• Now, contact your favourite companies and let them know that you are willing to write helpful reviews about their merchandise in exchange for free samples.
• Usually, these companies would love free publicity and would not think twice to send you free samples, especially if it would help increase their sales and build their brand to more customers.

Joining Rewards Programs

• If your favourite company or online store is offering a rewards program, sign in to join. This would entitle you to points every time you buy something, coupons for your next purchase, vouchers for free items and exclusive discounts for members. You can also redeem certain products when you accumulate a specific number of points.
• You can increase your chances of availing free merchandise if you sign in to different rewards programs.
• If you have your eye on a specific item that can be redeemed through a minimum number of points, focus on the company’s credit card rewards program. This will help you quicken the pace of your points accumulation so you can get your free item soon enough.
• Make sure that you keep tabs of the rewards program you have joined. This will ensure that you can redeem your freebies, discounts or any other rewards before its expiration date.

Taking Surveys

• When you go to the grocery store, dine at a restaurant or watch a movie, don’t throw out your receipts. In many instances, different websites offer a survey program where you can join and share your experiences. All you need to do is complete the survey. Afterwards, you may be entitled to a gift card, a discount coupon, or cash prize which you can use for your next shopping, dining or movie date experience.
• If you are already member to your favourite online stores, there is usually a link there where you can share about your shopping experiences with their company. All you have to do is answer the questions or complete the survey and you’ll get free items in return.
• Many websites hire marketers to complete surveys. If you have time to spare, you can join these surveys which help different companies get feedback and hear consumer criticism about their products and services. In return, you can get free products ranging from movie tickets and beauty items to gadgets and free vacation trips.

Complaining About a Product

• You have to identify the product or service you want to complain about. It can be a glitch to your downloadable game, a torn hem on your skirt, or even a foreign object you found in your favourite can of soup.
• Look for the company’s website and email them. If they don’t have one, you can also try to look at their phone number or address written on the product package or wrapper.
• Write or call the company. Let them know about the issue and provide a proof of your purchase. You can politely ask for a replacement or a gift card.
• Many companies usually replace any damaged or non-functional goods or merchandise. In some cases, they also throw in a discount coupon for your next purchase to ensure your loyalty to their brand.


• Online stores usually have links where you can get free samples or try on their products at no cost. You can also browse through their calendar for events and activities where you can avail free good and merchandise.
• If a store or company sends you a free product, wait at least one year to ask for some samples or gift cards again.
• There are online stores that will allow you to join their Free Stuff Newsletter. This will let you know about upcoming products that you can try before it goes out on sale.

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