Five Fave Restaurants in Toronto

Posted on: 21st January 2014

These days, with the in thing being eating and eating out, almost anyone can claim being a foodie or a gourmand. The food industry has made millionaires out of both neophytes and well-seasoned chefs willing to offer the most unusual and exotic taste and fusion of different cultures’ traditional tastes. There are several niches in the world where anyone is free to cook and people flock by the thousands to taste.

One place worth mentioning is the hip city of Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario and the largest and most populated city in Canada, home to more than 2.7 million people. But to be the on top, a restaurant has to have the reputation that can only be made by a well-respected chef, a great interior decorator and a wine listing fit for the kings.

Top-Toronto-RestaurantsNorth 44° - located in midtown/uptown Toronto, this restaurant boasts of its exotic ingredients married with the best of herbs and spices and its excellent wine listing. Dining is an ethereal experience of all senses, especially of taste and sight, as the multi-tiered ambience coupled with mirrors and flowers create a gastronomic combination. A must try is the roasted black cod, lobster ravioli, edamame, bok choi, miso citrus sauce and pea vine from the dinner menu. And of course, the chocolate bourbon cake with a toffee sauce to die for. Also, their winter and summerlicious offerings are the most celebrated food festivals in town when for $45, exclusive of drinks and gratuity, North 44° opens its doors for foodies to sample its delectable menu items.

360 Restaurant – located at one of the famous tourist destination in Toronto, the CN Tower, is one of this restaurants forte, second only to its amazing offering of gourmet dishes made with only the freshest of ingredients and locally grown vegetables, as if showcasing the region’s pride together with the 360 degree revolving setting. To top this extraordinary dining experience, that comes with a complimentary access to the LookOut or Glass Floor feature of the restaurant with the purchase of a main course/prix fixe, is a “cellar in the sky”, a state-of-the art collection of over 550 international and Canadian wines. A must try from is the vegetarian dinner/prix fixe at $58, choice of whole wheat spaghetti with vegetarian bolognaise. For an additional $9, add a side dish of steamed asparagus with tarragon butter and you’re guaranteed to be floating on clouds in the heavens.

Golden Thai – located downtown and has been serving the area for more than 20 years, thus being coined as Toronto’s “Thai’d and true!” hangout for Asian culinary experience. With over 90 flavorful dishes, this restaurant sure has not allowed for traditional or complacency to wear down its reputation over the years. The Pattaya Plate, with a choice of chicken breast, shrimp, beef or tempeh drizzled with a lime leaf curry sauce is a favorite for only $10.45!

Hiro Sushi – also downtown, this restaurant operates in the old way traditional Japanese society’s way of Omakase, the concept of giving the host full responsibility in building the menu for the guest. For this, the place has no written, set menu. Chef Hiro, functions according to spontaneous inspiration, ever changing and versatile. If choosing the Omakase menu, just yell out “Omakase!” and Chef Hiro will take care of the rest, giving you an exquisite Japanese culinary experience sure to change your view on how Japanese food taste like.

Loire – located downtown at 119 Harbord Street, this Loire-valley inspired French restaurant caters to the multicultural, urban downtown of Toronto. Infusing international cuisines with the traditional taste and preparation of French cooking, this restaurant has been remarkably reviewed as having the best casual gourmet by Its butter poached lobster and seared frog legs are phenomenal.

These are but five of many renowned restaurants at this jewel city in Ontario worth visiting and sinking your teeth into their menus and wine listing. Visit and enjoy also the magnificent artistry and styles painstakingly put int
o their interior decors, all for the love of a one-of-a kind dining and culinary experience which can only be found nowhere else in the world but in this city called Toronto.

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