Five Engaging Competitions And Contests to Join

Posted on: 2nd June 2013

Everyone loves having a good time. But what’s better when having fun is when you get something for nothing. While most online marketing these days have forgotten that these two can be linked in order to attract more entrants, you can still find some Australian competitions and contests that are engaging enough to spend a little of your time and effort in return for some free stuff or even cash prizes.

It is too common to find blogs and sweepstakes sites that say ‘like this page to win a prize’ and ‘tweet this comment for a chance to win’, which makes the science of digital a little bland. For hard-core sweepers or professional compers, it is easy to look beyond the boring details of the competition just as long as they can eventually emerge victorious in the final drawing.

But even if you have to set your eye on the prize, nobody says you cannot look for those that put their creative juices at work. It just adds more pizzazz in the business of comping. Here are five engaging contests that will get you energized to win.

  • The website treasure hunt – Who says that it is ‘strictly for children only’? Looking for different clues around the site is as equally fun as racing to the prize itself. Clue: Look at the product page because organizers might have put something in there.
  • Cute animals contests – Everyone loves their pet. YouTube has millions of hits on cute animals doing everything. So find websites that show their affection for your beloved canine or feline friend by giving you a chance to win free stuff if you send them something that involves your pet. It is an opportunity not only to avail discounts on pet shops or other exciting giveaways but also to be proud for your pet.
  • The secret word competition – It can give you that rush to join website/social media outlets that offer a prize for the first few people to write in with the correct word being asked. Savour the sweet victory when you beat other entrants to it.
  • The photo caption – Put your narcissistic side into good use (c’mon, your Facebook wall is full of selfies) by joining sites that ask for your random or bizarre photograph.
  • Eyeball meeting – Hit two birds with one stone by meeting your favourite blogger and getting small gifts just for showing to meet them.

The question now is, do people really win?

A quick scan over Facebook pages or Twitter conversations will show you people who have won stuff ranging from free supermarket coupons to weekend getaways and cash prizes. And bloggers usually serve as promoters of businesses who want their merchandise to be known to the public without spending thousands of dollars on advertisements.

If you are looking for a magic formula to always win competitions and contests, then there is no single and foolproof strategy. The goal is to have fun while doing something that won’t take too much of your time and effort and without any money involved.

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