Fight Sweepstakes Burnout – 5 Simple Steps To Get Back On Track

Posted on: 21st April 2014

Every sweepstake/ contest/ competition fan would at one time or other experience a feeling of utter dejection and crippling depression. At such time, you would be convinced that your luck would never get you any prizes and hence, entering so  many contests, working so hard, hoping for a great win – are all in vain.

First of all, be aware that this happens to everybody. You are NOT alone. Also, you should know that this perfectly normal; this is not something that hits you because you are unlucky, hopeless or undeserving. The best thing you should know is that this negativity can be reversed, and you can be back thinking positive, feeling good about yourself, and winning regularly. Here are few steps you could use to fight and overcome the burnout feelings:

  1. Stop And Rest – when you find negative thought overwhelming you, take a break from entering any type of contest. This activity is meant to provide you with fun and happiness. If it tires you, fills you with anxiety and negative thoughts, it is time you let it go – for a while at least. You could use the time to read about winners, learn new tactics, find new sites for sweepstakes, etc. Hence, you could still be in touch with your favorite hobby – without going through the pressure of waiting to win something.
  1. Focus On The Fun Stuff – forget for a while that you are playing for winning something. Instead, look for contests/ sweepstakes/ competition that make you feel happy. Do you love crosswords puzzles – look for those and enjoy solving them; do you love creative writing  - find contests on this topic and have fun; do you enjoy photography – look for contests that will fire your imagination and give you most pleasure doing.  In other words, get the fun back into your life by doing what you like, instead of chasing prizes and brooding upon it.
  1. Go For Small Prize Contests – want a boost of adrenalin? Go for contests that offer small prizes. You are most likely to win those because most people chase the super-prizes. Every win – no matter how small – will reinforce the positive side of life. Look for fun prizes, small prizes, local contests – all of those which will have you win.
  1. Change The Game You Play – if you are normally looking and entering sweepstakes, change it to competitions where you have to do a little more than just entering your details. Change often brings in good tidings.
  1. Read Interviews With Winners – nothing will put you back on track better than reading about actual winners. These interviews are confirmations that it is possible – and hence, you can do it, too.

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